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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bad blogger again.....

I suck! I said I would get better at keeping up with this and I slacked again!!! :-( Anyhoo, to make up for it, I have LOADS of pics to post! And these are not even all the projects I have worked on over the past couple of months! I am going to open a separate post with all the pics. I will be posting several layouts I have made, both at home and in classes. Some of them still need the pictures added, but I thought I would post anyway. I also have pics from the two projects I did at CKC-Manchestere back in May...both, of course, are still not finished because I get side-tracked and start other stuff, but, you will get the basic idea! There is also pics of a mini-book that I did in a class just yesterday so that, of course, is still not complete, but I totally love it so I intend to finish that first and foremost! I think that is it...if there are some I forgot I will start another post with descriptions.

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