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Saturday, December 30, 2006

happy new year's eve eve!

And I am so excited to report that it is SNOWING! Yes, there is FINALLY some snow falling in northeastern MA. Oh, it won't amount to much, maybe and inch or two, but it is still so pretty and I just *love* it! I wonder if we will get a blizzard like we did last winter and in January 05? Remember this:

The Pottery Barn catalog came today. Such yummy eye candy within those pages! I love the PB look...I don't love the PB prices. I just can't justify paying them. That is why I *heart* Target! Target really has so much great stuff, and you can make your home look, warm, cozy, AND stylish for a fraction of the price. I am thinking that one of my projects for 2007 will be to give my craft room a bit of a PB look with Target stuff!

Speaking of yummy eye candy, how about some yummy CHRISTMAS eye candy! Some of us on GLU did a fun Christmas ornament swap. Dawn hosted the swap, and me, Tammy, Marion, Robin, Karen, Renae, and Cindy all joined. We each made ornaments that we packaged up and sent to Dawn in Idaho. She then packed up boxes filled with one of each ornament and sent them off to us. Check out the photo at the top!! So festive and fun, and best of all, made from the heart by my friends! Karen said it best...it was like receiving a box of Christmas hugs!

Kevin and I did errands today. So much easier doing errands after Christmas! LOL Kevin is starting a new job on January 8th and we are soooooo excited!!! So we went to get him some new clothes...kinda like shopping for the first day of school! :-) It was such an unexpected shock when he was laid off in November and it could not have come at a worse time...right before Christmas AND when I still need to go to the doctor once per month due to my eye issue. To get insurance through COBRA was going to kill us. But we had until January 29 to decide to take it or not and now we don't have to!!! And he will be in a senior position with a higher salary!!! 2007 should be off to a GREAT start!!!

Oh! One more picture to share...and again it is at the top of the post. Grrrrr! I can't yet figure out how to get the pics where I want them. Need to work on that. Anyhoo, that canvas is my favorite Christmas craft project I made this year. I had seen some similar projects out there and decided I needed to do my own. *Love* those giant bottlecaps!
Well, Kevin and I are off to dinner at Capone's! Gotta start using those Christmas gift cards!

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