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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Later 2006.....

So here it is, the final hours of 2006. Can't really say I am sad to see this year go. It has been a rough year, and I look forward to a fresh start for 2007. I am not going to get in to all the crap, because really dwelling on it serves no purpose. Instead I prefer to learn from what was bad, embrace what was good, and face 2007 with an open mind and an open heart full of anticipation for all that can be possible in this new year!

I don't really like resolutions. It seems they get broken so easily. I obviously need to lose a boatload...ok, about 3 or 4 boatloads.....of weight. But I feel like "resolving" to do that always sets me up for failure. Instead, Kevin and I have decided to buy a recumbent bike for the house, and we are turning our 4th bedroom in to an exercise/reading room. We went to Home Depot yesterday to purchase paint, a yummy Behr color called Asparagus (yeah, leave it to me to paint the room I want to exercise in a food color, right?! At least it is a veggie!). Kevin is going to prime and paint this week, and my Mom is going to show me how to sew valances for the windows. She recently purchased herself a fancy new sewing machine with all kinds of features and I figured it is about time I have her teach me to sew. I love going to fabric stores and seeing all the fabulous fabrics...total eye candy. I have been known to buy pieces of yummy fabric, too, when I haven't got a clue what to do with it! It is high time I learned! So I have this picture in my mind of those fabulous green walls and white trim and black and white valances. We are going to purchase a small TV/DVD combo that I want to put on a black stand. The bike will be kitty corner on one wall, and on the other I want to get a nice black reading chair, little side table, and lamp. I will accent the chair with green and white throw pillows. I want the room to be both relaxing and energizing, depending on what is being done in there.

We did some errands today. *Love* that the stores are quieting down now. We also picked up some stuff at Shaw's for our munchies for tonight. We decided not to do supper and instead we are making smaller quantities of some of our favorite party foods to pick on through the night! Our little New Year's Eve...just, Kevin, Bailey, and me!

With tomorrow being the first day of 2007, my mind is filled with all kinds of creative ideas and things I would love to as far as my art! Frist, though, I must clean and re-organize that craft room of mine. All the stuff I acquire is literally busting out of there and it is so hard to create amongst the clutter. So yesterday at Home Depot we checked out shelving options and we will be purchasing that within the next few weeks so Kevin can install that for me. I am also purchasing another tall bookcase to go next to the one I have. I am also thinking of moving my table under the windows and sitting with my back to the door of the room. Don't quite know if I want to do that yet as I hate having my back to doors, but I think facing the natural light would be a good thing. I also plan to purge quite a bit of unused, unwanted stuff from there, so I will be looking for somewhere to donate to!

Oh, so much to think of and so much to do. Good thing a New Year is almost here!!!

A very Happy New Year to all!!!

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