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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bordeaux Mist...

Isn't that a fabulous name?!? It is the name of the new pretties I purchased today at Bed Bath & Beyond to accessorize my freshly painted upstairs bathroom!!! I didn't get all of these pieces shown in the photo. I got the shower curtain (and I purchased an extra to make a curtain for the window), I got a solid rug, and pretty accent towels. Kevin spent the morning painting while I shopped with Mom. I absolutely can't wait for the paint to dry so I can place my new treasures up there! That bathroom has needed a sprucing up for a long time!!! I even found a Yankee Candle called Ocean Water which is such a light summer-y scent, and it is the same cool blue as the new set!!!

While I am speaking of shopping I must share this wonderful tip, which I am sure is something most people know already, but every time I can take advantage of it I just want to to shout it out for all to know!!! NEVER throw away your Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens -n- Things coupons. NE-VER!!! BB & B will take them all: expired, from LNT, doesn't matter. Today when I was shopping there I used 15 coupons in ONE transaction!!! 15!!! It added up to a savings of $48.40!!!!!  Hello?!?! Almost $50 saved in one trip!!!!!!! How freakin fantabulous is that?!??!?!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the purdies you got! Love the colors! Are you gonna post pics when you're done?