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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Busy Saturday....

Well, busy weekend!!! So much we have to do this weekend, and probably some nights after work. Kevin's cousins, Regina, Bart, and Ellen, arrive from Belgium on Thursday night for a vacation here. They are staying with us for almost three weeks! So gotta get the abode looking presentable and all.

We are so excited! The last time they were here was for our wedding....almost nine years ago. Ellen was only 5!!! She is 14 now so she is really looking forward to this visit. We are going to take them on the Duck Boats in Boston. We will spend a day or two in the White Mountains of NH, one of mine and Kev's favorite places. There is lots of family we have to take them to visit.Of course, a stop at a quintessential New England lobster pound for a fabulous meal is a must. And we are most excited because they will be here for the 4th of July!!! When they were here for our wedding they got to experience Autumn in New England, and now they get to experience that most wonderfully American day!!! Fireworks are, of course, on tap!

I wish the rest of the cousins and Kevin's aunt could make the trip, too. I would love for my MIL to be able to see her sister again. They are both getting older and who knows how much longer they can make these trans-Atlantic trips? And since the last time Kevin and I were in Belgium, two new additions were born in to the family that we have yet to meet. {{{{sigh}}}} It is tough when an ocean separates family.....

Anyhoo, lots and lots to do to get ready for their visit. Cleaning the house from top to bottom. Getting the linens in the guest rooms cleaned and freshened up. Trying to corral the neverending supply of dog hair in this house!!! Lots of errands. And my Mom...God bless her!!!...just got here to help!!! And my MIL will be here tomorrow....God bless her!!! So gotta get busy!!!

Have a fantabulous Saturday!!!!!

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lacey said...

DId you ever think beagles had so much hair!? geez! you're right, NEVER ending!! Have FUN with your family!!! :)