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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Champs, baby!!!!!!!

Paul Pierce, captain of the Boston Celtics, celebrating after their HUGE win over the LA Lakers to clinch the NBA Championship!!!

Yep! That is Championship Banner #17 that will be raised to the rafters of the Garden soon! I will admit I don't follow basketball too closely (I am a football girl), but I do check up on them during the season to see how they were doing. And it was just impossible to be a good Bostonian these last few weeks and not get caught up in the hype surrounding the play-off series against the Lakers. It went to 6 games and in that final game we destroyed the Lakers...I mean completely crushed them!!!...to bring that title home to Boston!!! And the sweetest part...it was won on our home court!!! And who wouldn't get weepy with joy seeing the huge grin on Paul Pierce's face, his almost child-like glee at realizing he is indeed the leader of the WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! And then there is Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, two other superstars, ten plus year veterans of the NBA (like Pierce) who won their first championship!!! How can you not get caught up in that emotion, that pure, unadulterated joy!!! I tell ya, this decade has so far been VERY good to Boston sports fans! Very good!!! The Celtics victory parade (or "rolling rally" as we call it here in Beantown) was the 6th championship parade we have enjoyed in 6 years!!! Three Patriots Super Bowl wins, two Red Sox World Series wins, and now an NBA Championship! Life is good, folks. Life is good!!!

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