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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Thursday.......

  • It is a BEE-YOO-T-FUL Thursday!!! The humidity has finally broken! I did have to go back to work today (our family left to go home to Belgium last night) but it is ok. I work decent hours...I am out by 4PM and I only work Tuesday - Friday. These are the months that I really love my hours because there is still so many hours of daylight left when I get out of work!
  • Manuela is home for a visit!!! Manuela and I met in 2000 when we both worked at MTL Vacations (which is now defunct, well, the MTL we knew is now defunct...). We instantly bonded, along with Mary and Sue, and we have all remained very close friends to this day. I don't think I will ever have another job like I had at MTL. It was more fun and games than work. Our old office in Medford was actually a house at one point turned office. Where our desks were is probably what was once the living room. We had a real full kitchen. We had three full bathrooms, one with a shower! We had a finished basement! It was a very cool set-up. We made margaritas at work! It was the most un-politically correct environment EVER but no one cared. No one got uptight about jokes or "inappropriate" remarks. We all partied together outside of work. We traveled together (Bruins vs. Canadiens in Montreal in '01 is one trip that was particularly memorable!!!). All of our spouses got along. The best was the people, the above mentioned ladies especially. Manuela and I are the same age (37) and Mary and Susan are the same age (now mid-50's) but we had so much fun together. A couple years ago Manuela, along with her husband Joseph and their adorable, now 5 year old son, AJ moved to Phoenix AZ. We miss them! But, she and AJ are home visiting for a few weeks! I talked to her today and if it all works out I will get to spend most of Saturday with she and Mary (Susan is away)!!!
  • Kevin and I...and Bailey!...are getting a mini-vacation this summer!!! Ed and Renee, our friends from next door, recently bought a vacation condo in North Conway, NH (one of our favorite places to go) and they are letting us use it FOR FREE!!! Gotta love having good true kind friends!!! So we will go either 7/31 or 8/1 for three or four nights!!!
  • I miss Kevin's cousins...especially Ellen. She is such a good kid. She is 14 so things could have gone either way. I remember what I was like as a 14 year old girl. One minute I could be all sweet and wonderful and the next moody and sullen. Not Ellen. Such a happy happy kid, and intelligent!!!
  • Mom and Dad are remodeling their kitchen/living room/dining room and I am so flippin excited over the whole process you would think it was my house being done!!! It is gonna be gorgeous!!! I have been dubbed the "Design Consultant" on this project (much to my Dad's chagrin because he knows how fast I can spend HIS money!!! LOL). I have been with Mom as she picks out the new cabinetry, the slab of granite for the counters, the new French doors to the deck, the new railings and balusters, the new appliances......{{{sigh}}} it is SO. MUCH. FUN.
  • Have I mentioned how gorgeous it is today?!?!?
  • Staci, chickie, I need HELP!!!!!! I can't get my pictures to post properly!!! Grrrrrr!!! They all end up at the top of my post, so I get frustrated and end up posting without them. People like pictures!!!
  • I think I need to dig up some of my favorite recipes and post them...
  • My 20th high school reunion (gaahhhh!) is coming up soon....see the link on the sidebar. Still don't know if I should go. What would you do? One the one hand I think it would be kind of interesting to see how some people have turned out. On the other, I kinda feel like if I was interested in them to begin with I would have stayed in touch over 20 years, right? What to do, what to do??? 
  • Kevin just grilled some burgers.....I think I will go have supper!
  • Have I mentioned how ding-dang pleasant the weather is today???
Peace! Mwwaaahh!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't today spectacular??
It was the perfect summer day here in New England. Glad you got to enjoy some of it!!!
How cool that you get to use their condo in NH!!! Can't wait to hear all about that trip!!!

Possum Queen said...

I'm glad someone got some decent stinkin weather!!!! It was so hot and humid here today my sweet-self began to melt!

The NH trip sounds devine! Tell Renee I said hi, I love her new hair style, and that we are long past due for some margaritas!!!! I sure could use one right about now!

Lynne said...

Hey Kristen-

Yoo Hoo! I am here too. Even though I don't visit GLU anymore I Luv to visit your Blog and keep up on your goings on. I have always had admiration for you. You are so kind (I am the Gal you got the Ants tablecloth and pot holders for :), the love you hold for Kevin, your Family and Bailey too!
Not to mention you are one talented woman.

Keep on blogging Girly-
Lynne -Minnesota

Sandi McBride said...

Vacations are good...glad you are going to have a free one...well mostly free...the gas prices are horrific but we'll pretend they're not! You know if you right click on your pictures, then drag them where you want them, then left click you're good to go...give it a try!

Terri and Bob said...

Cut and paste, girl! All my pictures end up at the top, too. I just upload one, then cut it and paste it to the part of the post where I want it.

Thank you about Truman! Oprah's show got us interested in rescuing a dog!

Robyn said...

Love the newsy post...I feel I have sort of caught up with a little part of your life...have super duper fun with your fab friend! And YEA! for the mini vaca! I here romantical things brewing...lol! And yes we want pics girly yes yes enlist stacy's help!
Great post Kristen! Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Anyone would understand why you wouldn't want to you to your class reunion....if i looked like that i wouldn't go either.

Anonymous said...

You were short and ugly in high school. Looks like now you are short, ugly AND SUPER FAT.