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Monday, August 25, 2008

Autumn is here!!!!!!!!!

I know the calendar still says August but when that sign shows up on Smith Barn at Brooksby Farm announcing the date of the Fall Craft Fair that means it is here!!! AUTUMN IS HERE!!! I am always so excited to see that sign. I have always loved this craft fair. Even if I don't buy anything (though I usually buy at least one little thing!) I still enjoy it. It is in a barn, at the apple orchard, the first Saturday in October......{{{{{sigh}}}}}......so autumn!!!
Then when I went over to the orchard store, well, what to my wondering eyes should appear but.....a big old trailer full of MUMS!!! The signs of fall are everywhere!!! When you figure in our crisp mornings, warm (but not hot) afternoons, and chilly nights, and of course those lovely blustery days...yep, autumn has arrived in Peabody folks!!!

At least in my mind........


Terri and Bob said...

Beautiful!! I saw mums at my favorite flower shop but they are not blooming yet... nothing like a cart of mums in bloom. We had a great, fall-like day but I am afraid to let myself sink into it... what if it isn't real???

Anonymous said...

MUMS! Oh how I love MUMS!!!

Not as much as I love YOU, and the memories of how you opened your home to me and made a dream of mine come true...but I do love mums!