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Friday, August 08, 2008

The "other" man......

I have decided I must come clean. I have to. So I will admit it right here on this very public blog of mine.......there is another man in my life........
....but he doesn't know it (the man inhales a LOT of ink every day!). Even though.......

C'mon! If it says it on a Tshirt then it MUST be true!!! It is right there...we did Absolutely Everything!!! It IS quite distressing....my manicure is always really messed up when we're done!

Ok, Mom was there (is that weird?)

...and a bunch of my friends (what can I say?! we share!)

Yep! Tim Holtz and me!!! The other man in my life. We rendezvous at least once a year, usually for a full weekend. And we play! We play with lots of ink and paint and stuff! (Kinky, no?)

We even save those memories!!! IN PRINT!!!

And we let Mario watch.....and SERVE us!!!!!

Enjoy the journey? Oh, yes...we enjoy the journey!

Just look at that big grin on his face!!!

And he will be back next month!!! Going tomorrow morning to sign up for some time with him (he is very much in demand!!!)


Anonymous said...

Home wrecker, home wrecker!! Get your stamps off MY man!!!!

This has got to be the BEST post I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lacey said...

Kristen- you crack me the hell up! hahahahaha you are so bad!lol :)

Robyn said...

Oh you naughty girl...LOVE IT! Get your flirt on sist'a!
Thanks for coming by too! I love see you there!

Terri and Bob said...

I love your weekends with this man. It totally cracks me up how you relate these weekends to us. I know you learned a lot of cool stuff.

Jennifer said...

Love it... and love me some Tim! :-)

karrotsp said...

Can't wait to see what wonderous things you do with Tim this time. Hmmm! Oh well! You know what I mean.
Love ya whole bunches,

Pam said...

Nice to see you share the wealth with you friends and even your mom!

Looks like a lot of fun!

Jenny said...

He must be tired! ha!

I know a lot of scrappers that adore him, too.

Good for you, Kristen!

Yankee Girl said...

You always have to have a man on the side!


Shannon said...

you lucky woman..lol..such a cute post!