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Friday, September 05, 2008


Jonathan's First Day of School ~ 9.5.08

Seriously!!! This little guy. The light of my life. THE coolest five year old around and my most favoritest kid evaaaa!!! Kindergarten. Can he really be in kindergarten already?!?! Wasn't I just rocking him to sleep and giving him his bottle and burping him??? Kindergarten?!?!? For real?!?! Yep, today we watched as little Jonathan made the transition to "big kid" school, as he walked through the doors of the same school his Dad (my brother) and I walked through back in the 70's. I'm....I can't even believe this day is here. I am so proud of my little buddy. He was so excited!!! This is a kid that loves school and I hope and pray he stays that way as he grows. He loves to read and write, and be still my heart, the kid loves to CREATE!!! Makes this Auntie damn proud!!!

Jonathan rockin' the Pats backpack!

And seriously, what new school outfit is complete without this rockin' cool NE Patriots backpack!!! Damn I love this kid!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

He is the cutest little guy!!!
Love the backpac being almost as big him!
Hope he enjoyed his first day.

Anonymous said...

Kristen he is adorable! Were you nervous for him? Or just plain excited????

Tammy said...

It is sort of staggering that he is in Kindergarten now.....but I do know he's THE cutest kid on his entire school, no doubt!!!!

Robyn said...

Oh how so very cute...now wipe those tears dear Kristen...or I will start about my nephew too who is 5 and starting kidergarten too! *sob*
Love ya!