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Monday, September 08, 2008

A pretty good weekend...

But why does it have to be Monday already?! Oh, I know I don't work on Monday but Tuesday will be here soon enough. I do actually enjoy Mondays here at home, chilling out with Bailey, running errands when stores aren't crowded like the weekend, crossing stuff off my to-do list. But I just like the feel of the weekend, especially Saturdays. I don't know how to explain it really. I just always look forward to Saturdays. None of us are working, Kevin and I can do things together.  A lot of times we will cook dinner together then watch a movie (this past Saturday night we watched Live Free or Die Hard. Good movie but can't come close to Die Hard 1 or Die Hard 2...those are action classics!). 

So I started my Saturday bright and early and actually did something that is very rare for me...I went in to work. On my own accord. Weird, I know! Actually I am working on this HUGE booking and I got back 11 contracts on it Friday night and since I am not in till Tuesday I didn't want anyone touching them but me. So I went in early, did what I needed to do, then it was off to Mom and Dad's. Some of their new furniture was being delivered but they had a funeral to go to so that left me to wait for the delivery guys. And they came at the beginning of the time frame they gave so that was great! Mom left a surprise for me...the purse I wanted for fall! I love it! I was so excited!!! My parents truly rock!

So I went home then Kevin and I headed out to do a bunch of errands. We had a lot to do but it felt good to be out and about together, enjoying the day. I stocked up on some of of my favorite body splash from Bath and Body Works and bought a few bottles of their newest scent, Black Amethyst, which is to die for! Got a free lipstick out of the deal, too! And I had a coupon from the last time I was there to get this FREE! Then it was next door to The Paper Store, another favorite! Picked up a Christmas gift for Mom and a few fun, totally needless, things for me! Then it was off to Bed Bath & Beyond. I needed a mattress pad for the bed in one of the guest bedrooms and I needed a larger box grater. I got this one. We needed to get a bunch of stuff at CVS,  Kevin needed to get some car stuff at Sears, and we picked up a few groceries at Shaw's. All in all a productive Saturday.

Sunday was pajama day. Lots to do around the house so no need to change. Well, we did put on regular clothes to go for our walk and to go for coffee but when we came home it was pajamas again, and cool ones at that since it was still muggy...yuk! 1PM was Patriots opening day! First game of the regular season and they won! But, Brady was injured in the first quarter and no one knows what is going to happen. Rumor is it is an ACL injury that could put him out for the season. I am hoping and praying that isn't so. It can't be. It is not time for the Patriots to come down from the top of the mountain, so to speak. This is still the decade of New England!!! Oy! Not good for a die-hard Pats fan.....:-(

And now, hello Monday. Hello new week. What do you have in store for us???


clarkdsr said...

Aren't weekends glorious?! Especially when you get the chance to do things with the ones you love!
Happy Monday!!

Tammy said...

Went in to work on Saturday?? Who are you, and what have you done with my baby sister???

Terri and Bob said...

I love to read your columns. If the travel thing doesn't work out... you should really do some kind of print media.

JeanetteS said...

Love the VB bag. I just bought the same print in a tote for my stepmom for her birthday.

I saw all the great projects Tim Holtz has lined up on his blog for his visit to Mass later this month. I hope you will post pics of what you create. What an inspiration he is. :)