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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm still here.......

~ Autumn leaves on my deck, 10.08 ~

But I have been probably the world's worst blogger lately. Of course as I mentioned in my previous post, I had much more important things to think of, namely my Mom, and the blog just had to take a back seat. NOTHING comes before my family!!!

And speaking of my Mom....she is doing very well!!! She still has a lot of recovering to do but she is home and following doctor's orders and feeling good!!! All the prayers and warm thoughts are so very much appreciated...and trust me when I say they are felt!

~ First fire of the season, 10.08 ~

So let's see, what have I been up to? Other than working a lot (a blessing in this economy!), not much else exciting. We did get to have a fun night out at or neighbor's Patti and Glenn's house. Kevin and I, and Ben and Lori, went over for a fun night of drinks and appetizers, and a very looong, very fun game of Trivial Pursuit 80's Edition! I love me some 80's!!! 

~ Superstar Student! 10.08 ~

Jonathan continues to LOVE kindergarten and he is doing awesome!!! What can I say? This kid ROCKS!!! That photo above is him showing off his "Superstar Student" medal that he got at school last week for being the best reader in the class! Jonathan loves books, and that makes this Auntie so happy and proud! I hope his love of books and reading continues all throughout his school years and well beyond. And I intend to do my part to nurture that love of books in him as much as I can.

~ Our little chef, 10.08 ~

And Jonathan slept over Auntie & Uncle Kevin's house last weekend! We always have such a blast! Usually most of the time he is down on the floor surrounded by all his trucks and Kevin is there with him and they get all rough and tumble for hours, and they still did do that for a while. But then he wanted to color with me! I love when this kid wants to do creative stuff! So we colored...and we colored..and then he wanted to go upstairs to bed...but then he wanted me to sit on the bed with him...and we colored some more! And then he fell asleep! Then Sunday morning he was so well-rested that he wanted to make breakfast for us! LOLOL I had planned on making him homemade French toast, which he loves, but he decided he had to do it for us instead! How cute is he!!!

So other than working and hanging out with our nephew, I have been spending a lot of time in my practically neat and organized craft room! I know I still need to post some pics. I am so happy I got a lot of swaps done and mailed out in the last couple weeks. That is always a feeling of relief. I still have to finish my ornaments for the ornament swap and it is a big one. Once the last one is packed and that box has gone postal I can breathe again! LOL Then the only other swap I will be working on is the stocking swap but I had already started shopping for that over a month ago. I am not stressing over that one at all.

I am catching up on all of my fall magazines and I am starting in on my Christmas ones. I can't believe October is almost over! Where did it go?!? I am looking ahead happily to Thanksgiving, though. Thanksgiving really is the perfect holiday. A simple day for gathering with family, enjoying a special meal, watching football, playing games, reading. It is just such a relaxing joy. No stress of buying presents or doing major decorating. It is a day to just....be. I love that!

So with November right around the corner I am making my lists and checking them twice! It's the most wonderful time of the year, the days between September and December, and I want to savor every minute!

I think my next post will be about favorite holiday resources, new finds, that sort of thing. I will include lots of links!


Terri and Bob said...

It was fun catching up with your life. I know how much you love being with your nephew so this weekend must have had you in a frenzy of fun! I am still worried about your mom, I don't know the details but I am sure you are taking good care of her!

Tammy said...

It's good to have you back, chickie!!

marnie said...

Glad things have settled down a bit so you are back!!
Missed you!!