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Monday, October 13, 2008

Good intentions.......

~ Fall colors around my neighborhood, 10.13.08 ~

I had really good intentions of blogging more in the month of October. I even thought I would attempt to blog every day. Isn't there some saying about good intentions? Whatever it is, even with the best of intentions, life can get in the way.

My Mom was unexpectedly hospitalized this week. It was extremely traumatic for me, to say the least. My Mom is my best girlfriend, not to mention simply THE best Mom! Thank the Good Lord she is doing well, but still, not a fun week. She still has some recovering to do. If you are the praying type, or the sending good thoughts type, or the here's some warm fuzzies type, or whatever you can "send" to my Mom, I would be so deeply appreciative!

So on to some Monday randomness.....

*I got to see my college friend Michel for the first time in almost three years this past Friday night!!! Michel and I have known each other for over 16 years, but a few years ago she and Gary moved to FL. She was home this past weekend and came over to see me. It was great. We talked literally non-stop for four hours!!! 

* I had a fun fall outing with my GLU sistas Robin and Marion on Saturday! It was a good diversion, and Mom insisted I still go. We spent the day in NH in Robin's hometown visiting Christmas shops and quaint country gift shops and soaking in autumn's natural splendor. The best part was the lovely fall luncheon Robin's sweet Mom Lynette prepared for us at her home!

* The stock market is apparently UP over 900 points today. Kevin is doing a happy dance! 

* Little Jonathan started karate lessons the other day!!! I can't wait to see him in action! That little guy is growing up too fast for this Auntie!!! And, he also got a "medal" at school the other day for being the Outstanding Reader in his class!!! How freakin' proud am I?!? LOVE this kid so much!!!

* My art-crush, Tim, made an appearance at a Michael's in TX the other day and my friend Karen got to meet him! And I still got to talk to him! Karen called me from the store and he took the phone to chat with me. {{{sigh}}}    ;-)

* Gotta put in a plug for my about to be famous GLU-niece Loagan. Check out this site for the 411 (that's what the kids say don't they?!?). See, Loagan, at all of 17 years old, is a horse-trainer and rider extraordinaire!!! I so obviously know nothing about horses so I know I am getting all the terminology wrong... so let me put it in terms I understand: when it comes to horses, Loagan ROCKS!!! 

* Oh yeah! I didn't take pics yet, but Robin and Marion are my witnesses.....my craft room is CLEAN...mostly! The floor is clear, meaning there is a wide open path from the door to my work table. My work table is cleared and ready for me to create. Shelves are fairly organized. Only the countertop is still kind of a disaster, but that is OK!!! I have been able to make things again!!! I will post pictures as soon as I take them.

* I really can't handle this getting dark early stuff. As much as I love fall it is the one thing about it that I dread. It is only 6:41PM and I am already thinking of bed, even though I am not tired. It just feels late. Blahhh.

* I am attempting to make quilt squares for the first time in my life. I have no clue what I was thinking when I agreed to take part in this project. Oy! But it will be so great when it is done. I just hope my square doesn't ugly it all up!!!

That's all for now. I still intend to write more this month......


lacey said...

hey :) hope your mom gets better!!! :) don't worry about the blog updates..i'm not doing so well myself! You crack me up about Tim- i have had the hugest crushes on all my doctors lately! lol hahaha

JeanetteS said...

I agree, this getting dark early stuff is not fun. I'm envious that you got to shop for Christmas stuff. And I do hope your mom's health improves.

Robyn said...

Kristen ~ doll! I have missed you sweetness! I sounds you have been whirlwind busy! Keep smiling you autumn loving doll!

Tammy said...

Your mama is in my prayers, and I am sending lots of good thoughts, warm fuzzies and positive energy.

It's good to have you back with your bloggy self, baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out from Loagan!! We are so proud of all our girls!!!
Elizabeth F