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Monday, October 06, 2008

Scenes from an Autumn weekend...

~ Kevin in the pumpkin patch at Brooksby Farm, 10.5.08 ~

Ahhhh....what a blissful autumn weekend! I spent a good chunk of it at Brooksby Farm at one time or another but that is OK. I love the place. Sure there are bigger, fancier orchards with lots more going on, but Brooksby is like home. Besides the fact that it is literally right around the corner from where I live, it is where we have been buying our apples and pumpkins in the fall for as long as I can remember. I love that even though I live in a city, I go two minutes around the corner and you feel like you are way out in the country. 

So, Saturday was the little craft fair that I look forward to every year. Mom and I always go together. I did well this year. Got some Christmas gifts and some fun things for a few swaps I am involved in! And I even got a few things for me! It was a picture-perfect fall day....that I have no pictures of. Gahhh!!! But, I was soaking it all in. The weather was perfect....bright blue sunny skies, blustery and crisp air, crunchy leaves and the scent of apples in the air. After the craft fair we went over to the farm store so Mom could get some apples and a pumpkin. Then we went out for coffee. I so love spending time with my Mom!!!

~ Autumn beauty, Brooksby Farm, 10.5.08 ~

Sunday morning Kevin and I got up early and got to Brooksby not long after they opened. We wanted to get our pumpkins and mums. We had tried to go back late Saturday afternoon but the place was packed at that time. Being there so early on a Sunday morning was heavenly! We pretty much had the pumpkin patch to ourselves. We picked out two huge pumpkins and three smaller ones. One can never have enough pumpkins around the yard in October! :-) Again, the weather was quintessential fall...this time it was slightly overcast, definitely much chillier than the day before. In fact, after a while we had to go in to the store to warm up. Kevin was quite happy...since we got there so early he got to have cider donuts piping hot! We got a big bag of apples then it was back out to the cold! We went for coffee then headed to Home Depot and Target and were home by 11AM! Perfect! 

~ A wagon full of mums, Brooksby Farm, 10.5.08 ~

We spent a couple hours cleaning up the yard a bit. We planted some tulip bulbs for the first time ever. Come spring we will see if we did well or not...

I, of course, spent way too much time getting my pumpkin-and-mum motifs just right. I finally had to call it a day when my fingers were too cold to move them around anymore! A nice steamy bowl of soup was just the ticket for lunch! The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, Kevin watching sports, me organizing pictures in iPhoto, then we both watched our beloved Patriots WIN!!!

And now it is Monday again. Tomorrow is work...oh joy! (sarcasm noted). Where do the weekends go?!?

(I would've uploaded some more photos but Blogger was just not cooperating!)


Anonymous said...

Kristen, I just love your momma! Hearing about your day at the craft fair and then going out for coffee gives me the warm fuzzies! Thanks for sharing!

Lacey said...

so pretty! i love the fall! :)oh and hey thinaks for the encouraging words :) things have not improved around here, its actually gotten worse, and i still don't know what's going on and why. i'll pretty much just say that my husband has gone "missing". Yeah, shocker right? So, I am filling my days with going to the gym (sore as hell!)and trying to get some scrapping done- but my mojo has gone right out the window. UGH. Thank god for football lol