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Friday, December 19, 2008


This is us, right now!!! 8" - 12"!!! And it is really coming down right now!!! So it is looking like we will have a white Christmas, because there is more snow predicted for tomorrow, and still more for Sunday. It won't melt before Christmas!!! And there is still the possibility of more on Christmas Eve!!! How perfect would that be?!?

I so love snow this time of the year! Love it. I won't lie, though...I will be bitching if we are still getting snow in March and beyond. But for now, at Christmas time, it is just perfect!!! 

So I am fighting this nasty cold. In fact, right now I pretty much have no voice. I had to come home from work yesterday morning because about 99% of my work day is spent on the phone and my voice was going fast. Then I woke up this morning and my voice was nothing more than a whisper. I have had to either text or email people today if I needed to communicate. So needless to say I couldn't work, which I guess worked out since we are getting this snowstorm. And I literally stayed in bed till noon so the rest really did me good. And Kevin came home from work early, too, so now we are tucked away in our home all cozy and warm, the Christmas lights are twinkling against the backdrop of pristine sparkling white snow. Magical! Other than still feeling snifflysneezycoughyachy....life is pretty damn good!!!

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Tammy said...

"now we are tucked away in our home all cozy and warm"

Magical, indeed! There is nothing better inthe world!

Love you, baby girl...feel better SOON!