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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~* Earth Day *~

Today is Earth Day. I know to some this is one of those left-leaning, granola-crunchy, tree-hugging conspiracies dreamed up by those "crazy" liberals and (gasp!) Al Gore (even though the first Earth Day was in 1970). But, really, if people can get beyond their political leanings, they could see that Earth Day is about so much more. I am not going to claim to be an expert on saving our planet, and I am not going to lie and say that I never do anything to harm the planet. I know I can do more than I already do. We all can. That is the most important message of Earth Day.

There are so many small things we can do each day to take care of our delicate planet:

~* Turn off lights in rooms that no one is in
~* Unplug seldom used appliances and other electronics
~* Turn off the water while you brush your teeth
~* Install low-flow shower heads
~* Collect rain water to water your lawn and plants
~* Switch to re-usable shopping bags instead of harmful plastic
~* Purchase a refillable water bottle and coffee cup
~* Replace old appliances with newer, more energy efficient models (look for the EnergyStar rating)
~* Replace light bulbs with energy efficient compact flourescents
~* Recycle whenever possible

I know there are so many more things that can be done but as I said I am by no means an expert on this stuff. I am just one person who wants to try to do what I can to care for our planet. Our planet is in pretty bad shape. I fear that once my little nephew has kids of his own, then they have kids, and those kids have kids things are going to be bad, really bad, for Mother Earth. If all of us can just commit to making some changes in our daily life, any changes at all, maybe things don't have to get so bad.

Just something for all of us to think about......


Terri and Bob said...

My mom is doing an experiment at her house about elecric usage. She is unplugging every appliance, recently bought a new refrig and a lower wattage TV. She saved 66% over last month's usage. Her bill went from $250 to $68. It works!

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Great advice, Kristen. Wow Terri, that's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

My name is Elizabeth and i'm an Al Goreaphobic! Guilty as charged. LOL

But I adore you!! And you had some fabulous tips on keeping God's Country gorgeous and healthy!!!

Those are some cute totes too!

Tammy said...

I will have you know that I am a very green Republican! And a tote QUEEN!

However, I am guilty of using copious amounts of toilet paper. I can't help it, I like to make sure I am good and dry.

Triplet, that new fridge probably accounted for over half of her savings...we went from 300 a month to 40 a month when we made the switch! Awesome savings, and we felt oh-so-smug.