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Monday, April 06, 2009

Instant Wall "Art"

Need to decorate a wall on the cheap? Or, like me, you just don't feel like spending the money on "real" art? Because, seriously, I have enough art supplies to open a small store so I just don't see the point, especially for walls in little used rooms. That is what this project is all about....dressing up the walls in a room we barely use. 

We have a four bedroom home...and there are only two humans and a dog living here. We are fortunate that we had enough furniture to make two of the extra three rooms in to comfortable guest rooms. The extra beds have come in handy. My Diva Sistas came for a visit a couple years ago. We have had Kevin's cousins visit from Belgium. My parents needed to crash here when they were remodeling their home. Kevin's Mom has stayed here periodically. But, still, they are just guest bedrooms and they really don't get used often. I want them to be comfortable, but I don't want to break the bank decorating them. I just can't stand bare walls, though. So...it is scrapbooking supplies to the rescue. Let me show you how I came up with wall "art" on the cheap!

~* 12 x 12 paper by My Mind's Eye, from my stash *~

First, I chose three sheets of scrapbooking paper that will complement the rooms colors. The walls of this room are painted a light taupe, and the bedding is a beautiful shade of blue with brown accents. I chose scrapbooking papers with blues and browns, not worrying about the shades of blue or brown. I am not worried about being all matchy-matchy. Lately, I have really been in to damask-style prints and also small florals (yes, Tams, it's true!).

~* Cheap white frame from AC Moore *~

The only new things I used in this quick and simple project is el-cheapo white frames from AC Moore (the trim in the room is white). I think I paid something like $4.99 each for them AND used coupons! Told you....cheap!

~* Trimming the sheets from 12 x 12 to 8 x 10 *~

Using my handy-dandy Fiskars paper trimmer, I cut each sheet down to 8 x 10, the size of the frames. Yes, I do use my trimmer upside down! It is the only way I can see the numbers well.

~* Now the paper is 8 x 10 *~

Whew! Could this be any easier (said in my best Chandler from Friends voice)?!? Easy-peasy!

~* One of the finished frames *~

Then I simply inserted the trimmed paper in the frames and re-attached the backs. Voila! Instant....and CHEAP!...wall art! Lord knows I have invested enough in scrapbooking supplies! Good thing the supplies are so versatile!!!

~* Eeek! Sorry for that icky light reflection! *~

So there you have it. Three new pieces of art for our guest bedroom wall. As soon as I can get Kevin to hang them I will post a picture of them. It really comes in handy having a 6'2" husband in my 5'2" world! These are going on the wall above the bed. These certainly won't complete the space, but it is a start. 

I love finding new uses for things I usually use for something else altogether. What are some ways you re-purpose things around your home?


Terri and Bob said...

I love this post! Practical and creative! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Love it! What a great idea!

Cheryl said...

So clever! Thanks for sharing. :)

gayled said...

Kristen I might steal this idea for my guest room too...but I'm gonna kick it up a notch...I'm thinking I will do 5 frames and in each frame, overlay a large letter to spell out S L E E P or
D R E A M or etc...or you could paint the letters on the glass frames...

Anonymous said...

totally gorgeous and easy idea!!! You rock!