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Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Friday things...

Just some random little things making me happy on a Friday:

Bailey all snuggled up looking too cute for words!!!


Jonathan's birthday gift. It makes me so immensely happy that my nephew loves to read as much as he does! And I love that I can buy him a gift like this and he will not only be appreciative of it, he will be so excited that he can go buy more books!


Fun patriotic decorations in the stores! I would say my most favorite thing about summer is 4th of July! But I love that I can still display this stuff now in honor of Memorial Day! The bunting is going to hang on my deck railing and the little flags will go in the window box on my shed. I like to plant red, white, and blue petunias in there and put a little flag on either side! Not sure what I am doing with the bow yet...I just liked it!


The new garden flag I picked up today at AC Moore when I was buying the patriotic stuff above.  I am not really a country person but I do love barn stars!


Making Memories mini letter stickers. Love love love these little things and I grab them whenever I see them. AC Moore is usually good about keeping them in stock. I definitely didn't need anymore (I have ::coughcough:: 10 or so packs in my craft room right now...). These are purely a "want" purchase. These just work so great on layouts, minibooks, cards...everything!


New magazines! Again, a want not a need. I just love magazines though, and two of those above, Everyday with Rachael Ray and Cloth Paper Scissors are two of my favorites. And the Photography magazine is a BH&G Scrapbooks Etc special publication. I have been devouring anything photography related that I can get my hands on lately!


My mother in law's Belgian waffle cookies...just 'cuz they're yummy!

And just a few other things making me happy today...

* I don't work on Fridays!
* Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee...two, to be exact!
* Blasting old Def Leppard tunes in my car!
* Even though it is ridiculously hot for May there is a breeze.
(looking on the bright side here...)
* Making lists for all the yard stuff I want to do this weekend
(hopefully that will make Kevin happy, too...)
* My family is happy and healthy!!!

I hope everyone has some things that are making you happy today, too! I would love it if you would share in the comments!!! Happy Friday!!!


Carol said...

I love reading your blog...you are such a happy, sunshiny girl! Love it! Thanks for reminding me to look for happy, sunshiny stuff here in my world!

Carol said...
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