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Sunday, June 07, 2009


Not much of a weekend here. And now it is Sunday night and 5AM will be here much too quickly. It started out good. We had plans Friday night to get together with the neighbors at Patti & Glenn's house on the other side of the block. There are four couples here in the neighborhood: us, Patti & Glenn, Renee & Ed, and Lori & Ben, and we are all around the same age and have become good friends over the last six years that we have all lived here. So we all try to get together as often as possible. You would think it would be easy since Renee & Ed live right next door to us, Lori & Ben live right across the street, and Patti & Glenn live just on the other side of the block but with everyone working and family obligations and such it is hard. This past Friday night everyone was around and we got together. Good food, good drinks, great conversation, lots of laughs. We were having a great time...until Kevin's cell phone rang around 10:15PM. His cell phone hardly rings as it is, let alone at 10:15 on a Friday night. It was my mother-in-law. She is 75 and lives alone. She had been having chest pains for several hours and her nitro was not helping. So she finally called us. We have tried over and over to get it through to her that she needs to call 911 first, then call us. But she won't. She didn't even want us to call...but we don't listen and called anyway. We live a few towns away and the ambulance would get to her a lot quicker than we would. At times like this, a mere 10 minute ride feels like freakin hours! 6 miles feels like 6000! 

To make this long story a bit shorter, she did NOT have a heart attack, thank God!!! She is still in the hospital and may need a stent. If you are the praying type or even the thinking good thoughts type we sure would appreciate anything!

So, needless to say, not much got done around here this weekend. But there are projects in the works! Kevin is being so agreeable!!! I love this!!! We have decided we are going to paint our kitchen cabinets and replace the counter tops. Our kitchen is like a cave. The cabinets are so ugly and super dark. We can't afford a while kitchen re-do but I know some amazing things can be done with paint! I hope we are able to start this very soon! Then my other little project that I have in store for the kitchen wall that I talked about in this post will look that much better!

I also decided that one little red geranium plant is not enough for me because I do love red geraniums. So next weekend I plan to go out and get a new cedar planter (I love those and our's bit the dust last year and we never replaced it) and lots of red geraniums to fill it!

We did take some time yesterday to go to our nephew's tball game. How can you not smile watching these five and six year olds fall all over themselves in the dirt?!? Seriously, tball can be super boring yet totally entertaining and for that little hour and a half makes you forget all the crap you are dealing with. And, of course, I had to shoot a few videos. OK, four of them but I won't bore you with all of them.  Just two, but they are short, only a minute or so. And something else that made me laugh this weekend....this sign we spotted driving home. It just struck me as so funny that I had to make Kevin stop so I could get a picture of it! I am so thankful that I have the type of neighbors that I don't feel the need to fence out!


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

I'm so glad that Kevin's mom is okay. How scary! My thoughts and prayers are with her to feel better and you and Kevin to keep strength.
Hugs to you both!

Terri and Bob said...

Hoping your MIL is feeling better today.

I love the sign! Remember that song.. Signs, Signs everywhere signs....

Have a great day!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a wild ride you had this weekend. I am so glad things ended well.

Be blessed!

Connie Weiss said...

Praying for Kevin's mom!

I love red geraniums too!