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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How I met David from QVC...

I thought I would squeeze in a quick post before I get too busy tonight. So, apparently a lot of you love David V from QVC, huh? heehee He is quite handsome! And yes I have met him. I should come clean....this upcoming weekend will not be my first live QVC experience, though I have never been to their studios. If any of you out there are scrapbookers you have undoubtedly heard of Creating Keepsakes magazine. And if you have it is possible you have heard of CKU...Creating Keepsakes University. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to attend CKU three times, twice here in Boston (2004 and 2006) and once in CT (2005). It was at CKU in CT in 2005 that I met David. Those of you that are scrapbookers and QVC shoppers know that CK has quite a presence on QVC. They had wanted to do a live broadcast from one of the CKU's held that year and we lucked out in that they picked CT! I think they actually did one from CKU-Provo that year, too, but we got David!

Here is my Mom and me with the man himself, David Venable! Just pretend you don't see that nasty ass permed whatever on my head. Gaaahh!!! What the hell was I thinking?!?

Seeing the live broadcast actually turned out to be pretty cool. We were in the front row!!! My husband saw us on TV and so did a bunch of my friends! It was just so interesting to see how live TV comes together. For instance, what we don't see on TV is that there is always two tables set up with product to be demo'd, and the table not in use is mere feet away from the table that is on camera. When the host moves on to the next segment (table) there are at least five or six people quietly scurrying around prepping for the next product just steps from where the host is on live! The cameras are HUGE! The lights...hot! It was cool, though, because they had a big screen off to the side of the stage that showed how people were viewing everything on TV.

You wanna talk addicted? My Mom was actually on her cell phone whispering what she wanted to order while they were showing it! And she wasn't the only one!

In this picture, Lisa Bearnson from CK was scrapping a page. All the people on TV saw were her hands making the page and they could hear her voice, yet David and that camera man were only steps away! The whole thing was so interesting, but for a two hour show we were stuck in that hall for over three hours!!! It will be fun to compare how a live show at the actual QVC studios comes together as opposed to a live remote.

Oh, and David? SUPER nice! Hysterically funny! Insanely TALL!!! Of course I am only 5'2" and my Mom is like 4'10" so everyone is tall to us, but he really is TALL!!! And he smelled reeeeallly good!!!


Leann said...

Hi Kristen

That's so cool and yes I must admit I watch and order from QVC too. I have for about 4years now. My Mil turned me on to it when I had my hysterectomy and couldn't do anything but sit and order from QVC!!

Thanks for your sweet comments and becoming a follower. I became a follower of yours too, not sure if I told you that already.

Enjoy your day!

Christa said...

That would have been so cool to see that!! I can see that he is squatting a little in the picture to be the same height...LOL. He seems like a sweetheart...I can't wait to hear about your adventure with your Mom and friends!:)

Melissa Miller said...

Too cool!....:) LOVE this story Kristen! Thanks for sharing it.
You and your Mom look really great and David is a doll isn't he?
I just knew he smelled good too.
Shhh...I think he's gay as well and I don't care either. LOL!
He's handsome and soooo funny! :)

Terri and Bob said...

Hmmm, are you a three timin' woman?

I cannot WAIT to hear about this weekend.

printersdevil said...

I can't wait to hear about this one. Great going!

lacey said...

Hey chicka- go check out my blog! I gotta suprise for you! :)

carma said...

I love that you added that he smelled reallllly good - and I'm glad your mom got her order in :D