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Monday, July 20, 2009

Gonna be a busy week.....

I am hoping I will get to post some more this week but I don't know. Work is going to be insane. Evil co-worker is back and within minutes of her arrival this morning the tension level in the office skyrocketed. Grrr! Thank God I pretty much fly under the radar, and I have plenty to keep me busy so I don't have to deal with petty office shit. And my boss basically thinks I rock (I know that sounds sooo conceited but I make a lot of money for him, so, life is good for me!). But, still, with her back, there will be a lot of extra stuff I will take over to keep my boss from freaking out so some of my fun computer time at work will be diminished. 

Tomorrow after work I have a buttload of errands to do. Wednesday after work is family dinner at my parent's house and we will be celebrating my Dad's birthday. Thursday after work I have to do laundry and pack, because Friday morning, way too bright and waaaay too early, I will be on my way to Intercourse!!! And I really hope it's good for me......

For real! I really am going to Intercourse.....PA, that is. Who the freak names a town Intercourse??? Who the freak names a predominantly Amish town Intercourse?!? Seriously! Don't these God-fearing people ever think, "Damn! My town is named after the dirty-dirty?"

Why would I go to Intercourse, you ask? For several months now I have been asking myself that very question. Alas, the answer is simple. My Mom wanted me to go with her. Whoa! I know what you are thinking...what kind of freak show family is this?!?

Actually, we are going here....
QVC Studios in West Chester, PA. But we are going shopping in Intercourse, though I am guessing there won't be an adult store within a 100 miles. Not that I frequent those places, of course! Well, not since those several years in the late 90's when me and all my friends were getting married and it seemed I was planning a bachelorette party a month. I pretty much lived in the store back then. Hey! Ask me about the time my Dad and his friends saw me coming out of there with a lot of bags. The place they play in their billiards tournaments is nearby. That was fun. Not really.

But I digress. Yep, I am going on a girl's weekend with my Mom, three of her friends, and two of my friends (who are the daughter and daughter in law of two of my Mom's friends that are going). See, my Mom and her friends have a little...uh, addiction...to shopping QVC. So much so that they repeatedly get invited to these girls shopping weekend things like we are doing this weekend. The Moms have all gone before and this time they wanted us to go. How could we say no to our Mom's (did I mention they are paying?). Really, though, how can we say no anyway?Our Moms are the best. So, being the good daughters we are, we are enduring a bus ride from Boston to PA Friday morning. Did I mention we are leaving from Boston around 6AM? And we come home Sunday night. Did I mention the bus gets back to Boston around 1AM, so really, Monday morning? Yeah.

So what happens is QVC hosts this shindig. We get a tour of the studios, we go to dinners with a bunch of the hosts, and we go to a few live tapings. Then during the free time the bus takes the group to different shopping areas: either an outlet center or Intercourse! And the Moms want Intercourse!!! That so does not make the Moms sound too good! This weekend is all about shopping. All shopping, all the time. Not necessarily a bad thing but still not the daughters idea of fun. First, long bus ride? UGH! Long bus ride to PA? Double UGH! Nothing against PA, I have very dear friends that live there but it is the. most. boring. drive. evaaaaaa!!! A long bus ride to PA filled with a 55+ crowd ready to do some serious damage with a credit card, IN INTERCOURSE??? Oh. My. GOD!!! 

Do any of you watch QVC at all? There is this one host, David. He is a very handsome guy. I have actually met him (another story for another time) and he is very nice. But when these women see him you would think freakin Brad Pitt just walked in the room. And...I think he's gay. That's not a bad thing...I love gay men. But really...they surge forward like they are trying to rush the stage at an Aerosmith concert! What am I in for this weekend?!?!

Do you think the Amish...in Intercourse...will pray for me???


Christa said...

We have so much in common it is scary! Both have husbands named Kevin, almost have the same name, both have cute nephews, both have cute dogs, both love photography and scrapbooking AND my mom LOVES QVC too! I got her hooked on it years ago and she will be in her scrapbook room all day and watch it 24/7 if she could! I like David and Rick...the only woman host that I ever really liked is Mary Beth...that is too funny!

Aunt of 14 said...

Seriously?! Christa and her mother are QVC addicts too!!! LOL and I can't believe the name of that town!! I've been to PA, Lancaster county and all that, but I don't remember a town that name!! Sounds like you will have loads of fun though!

thatdesigngal said...

Really? Intercourse? Kind of funny. lol Well just be careful when the locals ask you "do you like Intercourse?"!! hehe, have fun!


Terri and Bob said...

I don't think the Amish in (snicker) Intercourse (snicker) will pray for you but I will.

You do of course know that it is freakin' CHRISTMAS IN JULY at QVC. I'd go with Satan's mom if it would get me in. I think that is cool, Kristen.

I cannot wait to see what you buy in (snicker) Intercourse (snicker).

carma said...

Oh man...it appears you are gonna have to "white-knuckle" it to make it through the weekend...hang in there! Not sure that I could survive such a weekend- whether in Intercourse or elsewhere! On the bright side, it does make for a great blog post :D

Orange Juice said...

that's funny! What was someone thinking?!?

Stopping by from SITS

supah ~d said...

Have them say a prayer for me too! lol...my sis LOves QVC. iT'S WRONG.
Maybe they should say a prayer for her!! lol..

sitsa stopping buy... like your voicemail thingy do...


Anonymous said...

Stay away from the Amish. Do not stalk those poor Amish folks and don't tryin to capture their souls in that camera thingy of yours.

Girl - I wish Intercourse was a lot closer to Western Pa and I would have planned my trip sooner... I'll be off to PA in a week or so myself - we could have met up.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Now that sounds like fun. I would find a tour through QVC interesting. Have fun on your girls trip!

Stacey said...

I would love to know the story behind the name.

Have fun on your QVC trip!

Amy said...

Awww...don't dis the Moms...everyone enjoys a little Intercourse from time to time! :)

Melissa Miller said...

AHHHH Kristen! Oops! Did I hurt your ears with my screamin'? You met David V? He's my favorite!!!!
Yes...My Mom and I are also QVC addicted. Love it!
I am totally and completely jealous right now. HEHE! How fun is that!
Do you get to meet Valerie Parr Hill? Or Mary Beth Roe?
That is so coool.....Can you tell I'm gushing here. Have fun!!!

And yes I agree, "Intercourse" as a town's name is hilarious. LOL!

Hope your week is great.
~Warmly, Melissa :)

Alicia said...

hahaaaa i love it!! intercourse?! sounds like the perfect honeymoon destination! have a fab time at the QVC =)

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah... I was just checking back to see if you, Kristen, made any replies to your comments and when i scrolled down the word of the day (verification) says the following: underher - no joke!

ya think it has anything to do with the post?