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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Kristen: Overexposed and Uncensored.....

My good blog friend Nikki gave me this very cool award. I rock! Yay me! :-) Thanks Nikki! If you haven't already you must check out Nikki's blog! Seriously a very good read.

Now for the rules... 1. Thank the person (or people) who nominated you for this award
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person (or people) who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 10 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 10 Honest Scrap Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 10 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

So now I am supposed to list ten completely honest things about myself, so here goes. This is me...uncensored (not that I ever really censor myself!). Can you handle it?!
  • I think my dog's paws smell like Fritos.
  • I totally have the sense of humor of a teenage boy. Fart jokes...crack me up. Stupid movies like Harold & Kumar, Road Trip, etc...laugh my ass off. When the guys at work start acting all guy-like...doesn't offend me in the least. You get the picture.
  • A couple times at work, after consuming way too much coffee during the day, I have been so gassy that if the elevator was empty when I got in it I just let 'er rip. Then when I got off in the lobby I made sure my face was all scrunched and I was gagging as I blamed it on "the guy that got off on the second floor."
  • I have the weakest stomach in the world...can't stand blood or gore or puke or any of that stuff...but if my hubby gets a zit I am totally fascinated with popping it!
  • Three years ago I had a cornea transplant done to replace my diseased and deteriorating cornea. The surgery was pretty easy...the recovery SUCKED ASS! And for a good chunk of it I couldn't bend, twist, lift...my head had to pretty much stay still. So my amazing husband had to pretty much help me do everything: bathe, get dressed, everything....and THAT, my friends, is real true love!!!
  • Speaking of my cornea and things that are gross, I still have ten stitches in my eye. They will be there indefinitely. Ten tiny little pieces of medical grade, thread, I guess, are holding my cornea in.
  • Still speaking of my cornea, after my surgery I found out my new cornea came from a 35 year old woman who passed away. I thank her in my prayers every day for my sight. But I feel weird telling people that because I am afraid it sounds like I am thanking her for dying. It makes me sad.
  • We couldn't have kids and for a time we really wanted them. We understand it wasn't meant for us to have them and now we are really good with that. We love being Auntie and Uncle Kevin. Now I am at a point where I am really happy we didn't have them. I love our child-free life! And, yes, my dog is my baby and I consider him my kid! And I spoil him.
  • My family are THE most important people in my life and I would do ANYTHING to keep them safe and happy.
  • I feel like after all this brutally honest sharing I need to share something light and fluffy. I am completely addicted to celebrity gossip. I devour it. Trashy magazines are my favorite!
Now I am supposed to nominate ten other bloggers to share this award with. But, I won't. Since this is all about being brutally honest I should also tell you I never follow the rules! But there are a few people I must give this to, and they are my good friend and twisted soul sista Staci, my sweet but devilishly sassy friend Tina, and my so very cool tell it like it is friend Carol.


Penelope said...

Funny list (my sister in law says the same thing about her dog's paws)

Christa said...

LOL!!! Wow that is true love! I have a weak stomach too...

Alicia said...

great list! and that's crazy about your corneas! how lucky you are that it all turned out great...and i'm totally with you on the zit popping!

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