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Friday, July 10, 2009

Pumpkins! And other veggies, too!!!

I know I am obsessed with my one little pumpkin plant gone wild but I can't help it!!! It has blooms now! I think I counted five already, with several more buds yet to burst open! And that means the actual pumpkins are not too far behind. I have rambled on endlessly on my blog about my love for all things autumn and pumpkins are pretty much at the top of the list. They are such a happy sight, aren't they? Big ones, little ones, bright orange, dark orange, white, even those kind of deformed looking pale orange giant pumpkins that are a fixture at autumn fairs (like Topsfield Fair near where I live). So of course every time I go outside I walk straight to this plant to check it's progress. I snapped these few pictures of the pumpkins and my garden just this morning. Pretty much all of the other plants have blooms, too! I can't wait till we can pick something!!
~* I love how huge the leaves are on this plant! And look at all those blooms! *~

~* There are many more buds hiding in there!!! *~

~* Pumpkins in the making!!! *~

~* Tomato plants are getting sooo big! *~

~* Butternut squash, zucchini, and cucumbers! And there is a jalapeno plant back there! *~

I also have buds on all of my other pepper plants and the heirloom tomato plants my sil's uncle gave me are really taking off, too! My herbs are enormous and I am enjoying both cooking with all that fresh flavor and sharing the bounty with my family and friends! I wish you all lived closer so I could give you some, too!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday!!!


Christa said...

That is so fun!! I wish I had a garden...someday maybe:) Can't wait to see them when they are full grown!:)

Alicia said...

just think of all the neat pumpkins you get to carve!