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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lazy Sunday.....kinda

Just sitting here with Kevin, Bailey, and Joe....I am blog-hopping and they are, of course, watching baseball. My parents and Kevin's Mom just left a little while ago. We had them come over and we threw some burgers on the grill. And in honor of pre-fall we even had an apple pie from the local orchard! So yummy! I love Sundays like this when there is really nothing in particular to do. I even slept till 8AM today! That is sleeping in in my world! I think I will go spend the rest of the afternoon in my craft room. I have a few circle journals to work on and a gazillion other projects on my never-ending list of things I want to make. I hope that whatever you are doing this lovely Sunday it is something you enjoy!!!


carma said...

does washing all the clothes and sheets that smell like campfire smoke from "the boys" camping trip count as something I enjoy...hmmmm...I'm thinking not, but at least you had a pleasant day!

Anonymous said...

Your day sounded wonderful.

I spent my Sunday washing loads and loads of laundry and picking apples.

I still have yet to finish my circle journal - I think I'll take it to mama's with me and work on it there.

Terri and Bob said...

Sounds like fun. We are still helping Ash and Eric get into their new place. They left their apartment to move into a duplex. We are worn out!