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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

You're just some roided out freak with a (bleep) clipboard!

Quick! Name that movie!!!

OK so the movie quote has absolutely nothing to do with this post other than, as I was taking pictures of our garden tonight, I kept thinking of how someone (Carma? Alicia?) commented recently on my blog that my garden looks like it is on steroids!!! It just cracks me up, because we seriously went in to this knowing NOTHING about gardening. And I would say we still don't. We are just kind of coasting along, taking the attitude of  "let's just stick these in some dirt and see what happens..."

Still, whenever steroids are mentioned I think of that line from that movie...

Anyhoo...L@@K AT OUR GARDEN!!! Dude, these plants ARE on some kind of performance enhancing drug!!! Every time I go out everything looks bigger to me! And it is starting to produce like crazy!!! I am soooo excited!!!

And I have so become one of those people I claimed I wouldn't become...one of those garden people. I talk to the freakin plants each morning before I leave for work!

Our strawberries have been so vibrant and sweet!!!

Cute little bell peppers growing every day!!!

Our cherry tomatoes are ripening!!!

Kevin's favorite!!! We picked a bunch of these jalapenos tonight!

More tomatoes waiting to ripen...

My biggest Big Boy tomato...and he is still growing!

Banana peppers have been thriving!!!

We picked this big one tonight!!!

See the cucumber hiding in there? Almost ready!

This adventurous little cucumber decided to hang out on our fence and grow!!!

Eeeeeekkkk!!!! MY favorite!!! A PUMPKIN!!! I pollinated this baby myself!!! Yep...I helped the flowers have sex! But I was determined to do what I had to do! We have already lost three little pumpkins because of lack of pollination. There just haven't been many bees around. So I got online to see what I needed to do. It was actually pretty simple. I just hand to rub the male flower inside the female flower. Kinky! I swear this little thing tripled in size within days of me doing that! And it gets bigger every day!

Flower sex! Who knew?!

The crazy pumpkin vines. And the other pots are Brandywine tomatoes, an heirloom variety. My sister-in-law's uncle gave me the starts. I just planted them a couple weeks ago and they are growing like crazy!!!

Check it out!!! Everything is just kind of running together!!!

Our crazy Big Boy, Roma, and Cherry tomato plants!!! Their cages are barely holding them! We have had to add stakes and tie them to the fencing, too!

The butternut squash and cucumber vines have made their way outside of the fence!!! We can't contain everything!!!

Now that we have gotten our feet wet this year, we know that next year we will have to rethink how we plant things next year. Everything is growing fine but it is crowded. We may have to expand in to the yard a bit.....

This is sooooo exciting!!!


Christa said...

I'm so jealous!! I want a garden...LOL...Those strawberries look so good!!

Terri and Bob said...

I think your garden posts are my favorite right now! They crack me up!!

Plant sex. Geez.

Tammy said...

Ooioh, plant porn! I love it!!!