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Monday, September 28, 2009

Giving Good Blog

My lovely and hilarious bloggy friend, Carma of Carma Sez, recently passed this very cool blog award on to me. Thank you Carma!!!

By the way, you should all seriously check out Carma's blog! GREAT read: funny, smart, touching, insightful ... she's got it all!

This award is accompanied by the Ten Things meme, so, like it or not, you're gonna learn ten more brutally honest things about me!

Here are the rules:
"Make a cocktail. Pick out some of your favorite bloggers. Send this award to four of them. Tell them why you think they give good blog."

I know this award has been around the blogosphere quite a bit, and there are sooo many blogs I follow that I love, so, please feel free to grab this award if you are reading this!!!

And without further ado, Ten Things You Claim You Wish You Didn't Know About Me But Secretly You Are Glad You Do!

1.) I have a very hard time getting over it when someone wrongs me or my family. I can hold a mean grudge. 

2.) I am fiercely patriotic, though there are many that think because I am a Democrat and I oppose the war that I am not. This pisses me off! I support our troops 150% and recognize that whether I support this war or not they are just doing the job they were sent to do and ALL Americans should stand behind them!

3.) Even though I am a Democrat I am not afraid to say there are things the Dems do that piss me off just as much as things the Republicans do. And I don't trust politicians, no matter what side they are on.

4.) I don't think that people that abuse drugs or alcohol are "sick" or that they have "a disease." To me they are stupid, plain and simple. And I think if you kill someone while driving under the influence you should rot in jail for life with other murderers.

5.) I have eaten chicken my entire life but for the past several months I have been unable to stomach it. I am totally turned off to it.

6.) I consider myself American through and through, but I love and am proud of my Greek heritage.

7.) If you judge a person by their looks, their race, their religion or lack thereof, their sexual orientation, their financial status, whatever, don't bother trying to be friends with me.

8.) I believe in God. I have a very strong faith. It is something very personal and private to me. I recognize that not everyone believes as I do and that is OK. I believe faith should be something private and is unique to each individual. Don't try to push your beliefs on me.

9.) Sometimes I swear like a truck driver.

10.) I am very loud.


Christa said...

7 & 8 are sooooo true for me too:) I am 100% with you on it:)

I can also swear like a truck driver and I can be loud too:)

Terri and Bob said...

I didn't know you were loud!

Cute list!

Cheryl said...

#5 happened to me, too. It persisted so much, I finally gave it up. I thought I was an oddball. If I am, at least I'm in good company. ;)