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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy October!!!

Welcome to the BEST month of the year!!!

Just a few of the many reasons why I love October:
~* pumpkins * cornstalks * jack o'lanterns *~
~* crisp, blustery days * colorful leaves *~
~* planting bulbs * baking fall treats *~
~* hayrides * craft fairs * autumn harvest *~
~* Halloween * Thanksgiving *~
~* preparing for the holiday season *~
~* cozy throws * crackling fires * hot chocolate *~
~* spicy candles * fall magazines *~
~* my parent's anniversary! *~
~* our anniversary! *~
(10 years!!!)


Christa said...

Nice post...:) I never really thought much of Fall until I moved here...you have me so excited about the upcoming changes!:)

thatdesigngal said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary! YAY!

October is my favorite month- 1)because my Birthday is on the 3rd just a couple of days now and 2) changing leaves 3) cool crisp air and ditto to everything that you said!! :-)

Staci said...

You speak from my heart! I just love October!!!!

Happy Anniversary to y'all!

Happy Birthday That Design Gal!

carma said...

Congratulations on 10 years. I am a big fan of warm weather but you are making fall sound very enticing!

Leann said...

I love it for all of the same reasons
our anniversary is the 19th , and we'll be married 24yrs!

Happy anniversary to you both!