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Thursday, October 01, 2009

New friends, crisp autumn days, and apples!

Have I told you the story yet of how Christa and I became friends? Because it's a good one, and it is a true testament to the power of the blog!

Christa and her husband Kevin (yep, Kristen & Kevin, Christa & Kevin! I know!) moved to the Boston area from Seattle about 6 months ago for Kevin's job. Christa's best friend from back home is Nikki, better known in the blog world as Aunt of 14. Nikki and I somehow found each other's blogs several months ago. After learning a bit about each other we learned where the other is from. Then Nikki told me about her best friend Christa that moved to MA and she asked if it was anywhere near me. As it turns out, Christa and Kevin only live about 40 minutes away from us. Christa and I started following each other's blogs and through comments and such we kept learning how much we have in common. Like so much it is spooky! And then we figure out that our husbands have a crazy amount of things in common. It was definitely about time we all met! And last Saturday that is exactly what we did!

Christa and Kevin drove up to Peabody to go apple picking for the first time! We took them to my beloved Brooksby Farm. It was the perfect fall day: sunny, blue skies, crisp air, blustery. And walking through a beautiful orchard...what could be better than that?! Christa and Kevin, despite growing up in Washington state, had never been apple picking. So this was a whole new adventure! What a great thing to do during their first New England autumn!!!

Did I mention that when they got to our house Christa and I even had the EXACT same New Balance running shoes on?!? I am telling ya...spooky! But in a fun way!

So enough of my rambling. On to the pics!!!

~* Christa & Kevin enjoying their first apple picking adventure *~

~* My favorite apple picking companion! *~
(and reacher of all the good apples!!!)

~* See? Reacher of all the good apples! *~

~* It's a Kevin thing ... they reach ALL the good apples! *~

~* Awww! *~

~* Christa and I were good supervisors/photographers! *~

~* New friends that seem like old friends!!! *~

~* Autumn's natural beauty...*~

~* Christa & Kevin in the pumpkin patch, 9.26.09 *~

~* Kristen & Kevin in the pumpkin patch, 9.26.09 *~

~* The Kevins think we are the cutest pumpkins in the patch!!! *~

(I know, I know, that was soooo cheesy!!!)


Leann said...

I agree definitely the cutest pumpkins in the patch. Sounds like you had a ball and made the most wonderful of memories with new friends!

Love your cheese ball post too!

See you soon!

Christa said...

It was such a fun day!! And that caption on the picture "new friends that seem like old friends" is totally true:) Thank you for such a fun day!! I love your pictures:) Oh and I love your taste in shoes..:)

thatdesigngal said...


Staci said...

You have some of the best adventures and y'all are the cutest pumpkins in the patch.

carma said...

I bet you guys also complete eachother's sentences. Awesome to have good buddy like that :D