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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Project Cheeseball featuring.....Kevin!!!

Please visit my sweet bloggy friend, Carma of Carma Sez, to experience some cheesy goodness featuring none other than my most favorite cheeseball, Kevin!!!

It's time for Project Cheeseball!!!

Carma is quite the fan of these little orange balls of cheesy goodness and is always happy to see pictures of people and their balls...of cheese! :-) But it is not just any cheeseballs....it is UTZ cheeseballs! While Kevin and I were at BJ's last Sunday we came across a display of Utz Cheeseballs and I knew just what I had to do. I couldn't let Carma down! And since I always have my camera in my purse it was a no-brainer...before we left that store Kevin was going to pose with the cheeseballs! I think I saw him flinch a bit when he saw me pull my camera from my purse!!! But then, to my surprise and delight, he really got in to it! Something about those little orange balls got him all excited!!! ;-)


Christa said...

LOL! I love it!! Those cheeseballs look really good too! Love the first picture! My Kevin does the same thing when I whip out my camera! LOL

Staci said...

Kevin is a HOT MESS!

carma said...

Thanks again for sending me the photos. I hope Kevin had fun with it. I think he was secretly hoping you would take a cheesy picture ;-)