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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A nice surprise...

Today started out like any typical Saturday. We were getting ready to head out for our regular errands when I got a text from Christa that they were heading to the scrapbook store near my house so we all decided to meet for lunch a couple hours later!!! So Kevin dropped me off at Target while he headed to the grocery store (divide and conquer and all that...except I looooove Target!). He, of course, finished a lot quicker than me so he came in to Target to find me.  But even after we checked out we still had about 40 minutes till we had to meet Christa and Kevin. Guess who was walking in to Target while we were walking out? Yep, they finished their stuff early, too! lol So we brought our stuff to the car then a short time later we all met over at Kelly's which is just across the parking lot. It was a nice surprise on a Saturday afternoon to have lunch with friends!


After lunch, Kevin and I came home because we still had groceries in the car. We fully intended on picking up Bailey then heading back out to do a few more things. I did go outside and snap a few pictures of the trees around the house. Then...the crash. The week just caught up to me. I napped for three hours. First, let me say, I love naps and I hate naps. I have a total love/hate thing with napping. I love them because they feel so good. I hate them because if I am going to take a nap it is usually on a weekend and I loathe wasting hours on the weekend. But, it was obvious I needed it. C'est la vie! It was still a good day.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nasty so I foresee us staying in all day. At least I have a lot I can do. Of course there will be never-ending laundry, but there will also be lots of crafting and baking of healthy pumpkin muffins and cooking a nice warm Sunday dinner.

(and probably staying in my pj's...)


Christa said...

I had a great time too! :) I am glad you guys were free for lunch...and I am also excited about the class next weekend!

I have lots of laundry and cleaning to do to tomorrow too...but I am going to be lazy otherwise! LOL

Ms Bibi said...

Isn't it nice to meet up with friends just spur of the moment? That's the best.

I'm so glad you had a nice Saturday. Hopefully your weather won't be that bad on Sunday.

It sure sucks where I am.

Thank you so much for stopping by, BTW you are in my 10%. You are one of the bloggie friends I can always count on to stop by and actually care.

marnie said...

Sounds like a good Saturday was had by all. It's always fun to get together with friends~~you guys are so much alike it's kinda scarey. ;)
I am taking a lesson from you today, Kristen, and got back into clean jammies to spend the day in.
Perfect day for it!!!

carma said...

There are few things that top a good nap (in my book) nap away!!

Do you find that the brick and mortar shops have been impacted a lot with the whole online scrap booking thing. From reading your blog, it sounds like there are still plenty open, which is good to see. Although I am not involved with scrapbooking, I work in a retail setting and here the shopping centers are faced with lots of vacancies unfortunately.

Jessica said...

Ohhhhh- I love Target!
Any good finds???

Melissa Miller said...

How fun does this day sound!

What gorgeous Fall colors on the trees. :)