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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I know I broke my promise...

I promised I would have a new post up by Friday ... and I didn't.
BUT, to make up for it, I will have several new posts today!!! And I will start with Thanksgiving!!! It was a GREAT day!!! The day started, of course, with the mandatory (in my mind) viewing of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I usually like to be at Mom and Dad's for the start of it. Since their main floor is mostly one big great room I can be in the kitchen cooking and watching the parade on the big screen at the same time. But I overslept a little bit. So I watched the first hour of it at home then buzzed on over to Mom and Dad's. Good thing they only live 2 miles away! Kevin came over with Bailey and my MIL around noon time and everyone else got there around 1. In addition to the usual suspects (my crazy family!) we invited Christa & Kevin to join us! This was their first Thanksgiving here in Boston, and their first holiday being thousands of miles from family. No way were we going to let our friends spend it alone! 

So, now I will let the pictures tell the story! I totally uploaded these out of order. Oops!

Jonathan getting ready to "help" his great uncle blow out the candles on his birthday cake. My Uncle Harry's 69th birthday was on the 20th so we celebrated on Thanksgiving!

My brother getting some turkey for his little turkey!

The Moms and Dad in the kitchen!

Kevin and Kevin digging in!

Bailey just chillin' (and hoping for scraps!).
Oh boy! Jonathan loooooves Thanksgiving!

He doesn't look it, but this is my Dad all content from eating the yummy hors d'ouvres I prepared!

Jonathan sure shows how yummy he thinks everything is!

The table before it was attacked by a hungry mob!!! :-)


Christa said...

Love the pictures!! That was such a fun day! Thank you again for inviting us!! It really made our first Thanksgiving in Boston special:)

New England Girl said...

So glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. :) It looks like you had a wonderful family celebration, complete with new friends!! :) Now I can't wait for Christmas...