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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tag! I'm it!

I feel awful! My sweet friend and sista Tina at Sunny Flower Days tagged me for this fun blog meme a few weeks ago and I totally forgot to do it ... till I saw it mentioned on our sista Terri's (private) blog!!! Eeek! I better get on it!!!

This is how it goes: I have to answer five questions with five answers each, then tag five more people to play along. 

Question 1: Where were you five years ago?
1.) Right here in this very same house
2.) Working at a job I hated
3.) Enjoying life with a new puppy (Bailey!)
4.) Watching my nephew learn to walk and talk
5.) Starting a blog!

Question 2: What is on your to-do list today?
1.) Shopping!
2.) Making a yummy dip to share with our friends
3.) Sleeping till it is light out
4.) Spending all day and night with the hubs
5.) Party tonight!

Question 3: What five snacks do you enjoy?
1.) Chocolate
2.) Popcorn with real butter
3.) Just picked MacIntosh apples
4.) Dairy Queen Blizzards
5.) Freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookies

Question 4: What five places have you lived?
1.) My parents first house in Peabody
2.) My parents second house in Peabody
3.) One year in a dorm at Boston University
4.) Kevin's and my townhome
5.) Kevin's and my current home

Question 5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
1.) Quit my job!!!
2.) Pay off my parents, my brother's, and our mortgage and other bills
3.) Make sure my nephew is financially set for life
4.) Travel whenever we want
5.) Finally have a second home in the mountains

Five bloggers I am tagging:
Carol at Around Our House 


Beth P. said...

Sweet! I'm doing this now :-)

I meant to say this in your post for New England Blogger's birthday, but I forgot.

My husband and I are BOTH originally from Peabody! Small world :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm also in a job I hate and I'm about to quit and make a drastic step. Maybe I should take a cue from you and wait to become a billionaire.

Kimberly said...

Very cute!

I enjoyed learning more about you!

Terri and Bob said...

Just when you think you know someone.. you learn something new! House in the mountains?? How did I miss that?

Melita said...

very cool meme. i love reading new things about you. thank you so much for you kind comment about popcorn. the death of a pet is never an easy one for sure. your comment meant a lot to me.

have a great week! hugs!!

carma said...

Fun! and I'm with ya on the Blizzard - as opposed to the healthy apples :D

Ms Bibi said...

I am tagged? Cool, my first tag....

I will be taking it tomorrow. I love DQ Blizzards and popcorn must be with real butter otherwise it's not POPCORN

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping by from SITS! Blizzard are a wonderful thing. Great answers.

Leann said...

Hi Kristen

Love these facts - helps me to know you better. I'll post on my site later this week.

I was peeking around at your studio and would love to see more of your scrapping.


Tania-Dreams2010 said...

Thanks for following me! You are my 100th follower :)

Now a follower of you. I look forward to reading your posts! I'm going to peek around :)