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Monday, April 19, 2010

I dream...

I dream about us moving away. Away from the hustle and bustle of our every day lives. Away from the traffic. Away from the crowded cities and suffocating suburbs. 

I dream about the mountains. I dream about long, winding roads through a canopy of majestic trees. I dream about gently babbling streams running through our property.

I dream of a view like this outside my kitchen window. Of lots of land where I can plant a huge kitchen garden. Of meandering cobblestone paths leading to hidden nooks on our property, little secret gardens bursting with colorful and fragrant flowers, and a hammock strung between the trees for whiling away a spring afternoon lost in a favorite book. Or simply swinging...and daydreaming.

I imagine paths like this along the river that runs through our property where we walk with Bailey. I imagine living in harmony with the wildlife that would call these woods home.

I dream of us one day living in a quaint little farmhouse...an older home, with character. A home on rambling land, with trees, and mountains, and a babbling brook. I dream of apple trees and pumpkin patches, right outside my back door. I dream of endless space to grow every vegetable I can imagine. And a sweet and fragrant herb garden. And a field of lavender. And shrubs and flowers...in my little cottage garden.

[image from Country Living]

I dream of an open and airy farmhouse kitchen, with a big farmhouse table and an open hearth, where our family can gather. 

[image from Country Living]

With lots of windows for looking out over our little piece of heaven. To see the mountains in all their glory.

[image from Country Living]

And I want to be able to walk in to my sweetly organized pantry to gather the ingredients to bake a pie using berries picked fresh from my patch in the yard. And I will use farm fresh eggs gathered from...our neighbor who has chickens. Because I never want my own chickens! :-)

Then we can spread a blanket down by the river and enjoy a fresh baked pie and a pitcher of lemonade served in mason jar glasses.

I dream about our property having an adorable red barn. But not filled with farm animals. We are strictly dog people....and Bailey will have brothers and sisters to play with! I dream of having a potting area in our barn, where I can put together pots of flowers in the summer and make wreaths for Christmas. I dream of rafters where I can hang lavender and herb bunches to dry. I dream of a little workbench area where Kevin and I can try our hand at more DIY stuff. And an area where I can bring in the kiln my YiaYia left for me. Pottery, maybe?!

These are the kinds of things I dream about lately. What are you dreaming about???


Anonymous said...

I have a similar dream! I want to live in the country in an older (but updated) home with character. :-)

Deer Camp Diva said...

Sooooo... you do have a little country farmhouse farm girl in you, don't you...

You dream a most wonderful and lovely dream not much different than my own.

I'm glad you posted this - I've been neglecting to dream lately. I know good and well (and from experience) that in order to manifest our desires we must dream them up first - I haven't been dreaming... Shame on me.

I've been so caught up and content with the manifestation of the dream I'm living now that I haven't thought about any others. I need to get on that right away!

Thanks for the bloggy-kick-in-the-butt!

Kristen - this was a beautiful post.

2busy said...

What a lovely dream. I wonder though if swinging in your tree swing you would be daydreaming of a shopping trip to Macy's, the convenience of fast food or a trip to the grocery store.


Anonymous said...

We dream about a lot of the same things. I would love to live in that environment. :)

Coffee Slut said...

What an awesome dream! Thanks for sharing!
BLOGGYMEET 2010 will be held on May 8 (it's a Saturday this time so more people can attend!) in Meriden, CT (the half-way point for Jodi and I) at Ruby Tuesdays, which is inside a lovely mall where we can continue visiting when we get kicked out of the restaurant! Would love it if you could come! Let me know!

Coffee Slut said...

Sure ....spread the word! The more the merrier!

Anonymous said...

I dream I am going to live out west....in the mountains. Where the mountain tops are all you can see from every angle. Utah...Wyoming, Idaho...Montana. It's so clean and pretty and just nice. I've already convinced my husband that it is the most beautiful part of our country....but economically--we could never adjust to the change. Dream reality.

Ms Bibi said...

Your dream is my reality....come on over.

Sometimes I dream to live in a big city again so I can go the theater, visit little coffee shops and shop in large malls with lots of variety. Then I go visit my family for few days and I can't wait to come home to my middle of nowhere.

sheila said...

Similar dream for me as well! To hear crickets at night, the crackle of a fire on a crisp night. Ahhhhh