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Sunday, April 18, 2010

And the list keeps growing...

Does this ever happen to you? Do you keep coming up with more and more things you want to do, and your list just grows and grows till you overwhelm yourself with all that is on it? Happens to me all the time. I am constantly making lists. I actually love to make lists. I forget half the things I need to do if I don't make lists. At this time of year...spring...the list starts to grow out of control. There are so many things I want to do right now, mostly around the house and yard. Kevin is even on board with most of it! So I should probably get to the point of actually doing instead of just listing!

These are some of the things we are wanting to do....and we can't seem to narrow down which to do first:

1. Get started on our garden for this year. And expand it from last year. This means we have some planning and digging to do. Then seeds and plants to buy, and soil, and fertilizer, and fencing, and...so much stuff!

2. We want to paint our kitchen. Not just paint the walls. I mean the whole thing, top to bottom. We want to paint our cabinets. They are so dark, and it makes the kitchen seem almost cave-like. We want to re-do our backsplash. We want a new sink and we want to change our countertops. And.....we want to do it ourself. Well, except for the sink and countertop. We want the pros to do that. I know exactly how I want our kitchen to look and I know we can do it. It just seems like such a daunting task.

3. We want to sell the armoire in our living room. I need to get it listed on craigs list then hope we can sell it. It is a gorgeous piece but it just doesn't work in this house. And it is still made for an older TV. We plan on buying a large flat screen. We can't get the TV till we get the armoire out of the way and we reeeeallly want the TV.

4. For weeks now we have been saying we are going to the Apple store to get a MacBook Pro. Right now we have one MacBook that we both share. That is not a bad thing but we both seem to want/need to use the computer at the same time. It just makes more sense for us to each have our own. Ugh, but going to the Apple store here means going to the mall. Have I mentioned we are both big-time procrasinators/avoiders???

5. So, we finally had the wildly overgrown rhododendrons ripped out from the front of our house....and now we have this big empty space. It is a blank slate begging to be re-planted. This gives us what we always wanted...a chance to do some landscape design in our yard. Ask me if we have been to the garden center yet.....

6. Back to the computer thing (see how scattered I am?)....we have been saying forevaaa that we are going to get rid of the crappy old style computer desk hutch thing we have and get a smaller, more streamlined desk meant for a laptop. I would even prefer to get something second-hand that we can re-paint and make it personally ours.

7. I won't even go in to my list within a list of craft projects I want to do. Or the bags and boxes of supplies all over the floor in my craft room waiting for me to make these projects...

8. We need to buy a new couch. Ours is so uncomfortable. It looks nice, but looking nice doesn't mean anything if it is not comfortable to curl up on.

(Have you noticed that a lot of this stuff involves running a lot of errands....?)

9. This has been on my list every spring for about five years now and somehow I manage to put it off and put it off till winter arrives again and it is too cold to do it: CLEAN OUR BASEMENT!

Believe it or not, there is a lot more on there, but just reading these is exhausting!

Does your list grow at this time of year? What do you want to get done?

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2busy said...

I must admit to being exhausted and needing a nap just reading your list.