"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On dreams, part 1...

Wake up, Kristen! Remember what excites you. Think of these things, those friends, and the adventures that can be yours. Focus. Care. Fantasize. Imagine. It's all so near. Speak as if you're ready. Paste new pictures in your scrapbook, on your vision board, and around your home and office. Physically prepare for the changes that you wish to experience in your life. You've done this before. You know it works. You're due for an encore. It's time to amaze. That's why you're there.

You may recall this post from last week when I posted one of the daily Notes From The Universe that I receive by email each day. I have been getting these for several months now and sometimes when one really speaks to me I like to post it here to share. Sometimes they are silly. Other times I find them profound, to me, but think that others may not. The one above, though, didn't just speak to me...it screamed to me!!! And there was no way I could not share it! 

Then as I thought about it and meditated on it for several days after posting it I decided I wanted to go further with it. All those words about boil down to one simple thing: we have the power to manifest our dreams. This is something I believe so strongly in. And I am not this new-agey, tree-hugging, granola crunching, let's buy the world a Coke type of person. I am just your average girl. But I am a dreamer. Always have been. That is a good thing...and I realize that sometimes it gets me in a pickle when my head is too far in to the clouds. Still, I will never stop dreaming. 

Intention is born of dreams. I wholeheartedly believe that if you focus on your dreams and intend to bring them to fruition, you will.

Wake up, Kristen! Remember what excites you. Think of these things, those friends, and the adventures that can be yours. Focus. Care. Fantasize. Imagine.

Remember this post ? This is one of several dreams exciting me right now. For the longest time, however, when I thought of that dream, what I would cloud my mind with is worry and despair that I would never have that dream. Again, intention comes in to play here. If it remained my intention that the dream would not be mine, then honestly, the universe would see to it that it wasn't. All worry does to us is manifest exactly what we don't want to happen. We waste so much time and energy on worry. And it creates a terrible cycle: our worry breeds that which we do not want to happen, which in turns breeds more worry. See what I mean? Worry is so counter-productive.

Wake up!!! We have to wake up to let our dreams take hold. Only then can we get excited about what the future holds for us. Remember that which excites you and hold on to that. Focus. That feeling, that excitement, is what will enable your best intentions, and your dreams will start to come true. Care. You will only give your whole heart to that which you care most about. Don't you care about you? You should care enough about yourself to fight for your dreams. Fantasize and Imagine. These are oh so very important. A rich and vivid imagination will take you so far. We can't fulfill our dreams without picturing ourselves in them. I truly do picture myself in that sweet farmhouse/cottage with character. I hear the babbling brook. I can smell the lavender and herbs and vegetables that I have planted in the rolling acres that I feel underfoot.

Take some time to think about all of this. I will be back tomorrow with part 2...


sheila said...

AWESOME! Yes, yes! So true!

Staci said...

That Note screamed at me as well!

We DO all have the power to create the life we dream to live. It is an exciting realization and an inspiring a-ha moment when you finally get it!

carma said...

If I could only add up all the hours I've spent over my lifetime worrying and could have only filled them with something worthwhile instead.

Excellent message. Something to think about..

Christa said...

Great post!! :)

Ms Bibi said...

I have some thinking to do today.

I do worry too much about things I can't control and then I get upset and you know how it ends...it's a vicious circle.