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Friday, August 13, 2010

Connecting across the pond.....

The blog world just continues to amaze me. The blog world also reinforces to me what a small world we live in. 

I enjoy reading many blogs. Actually more than I can keep up with, but I try. Several months ago I stumbled across a beautiful decorating blog. It was one of those things where I followed one link then another and another to the point where I honestly can't remember how I got to where I ended up. The blog that mesmerized me was Belgian Pearls. This blog is written by a warm and wonderful woman named Greet. Greet is an interior designer and owner of a design firm in Belgium. I was drawn in by the gorgeous images of her own home and the homes she has done design work in. I was delighted that she is based in Belgium. I have a very strong connection to Belgium now. My husband's ancestry is half-Belgian, half-Italian. My mother in law was born and raised in Belgium. She came to the US in the early 60's at the age of 28. Other than a few other cousins here in the States the rest of her family remains in Belgium.

I have been to Belgium. It is a beautiful country. I felt at home there the minute I stepped off the plane. I can't wait till we go again. We just can't get there enough.

Greet recently had a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her first year of blogging. I was honored to be chosen as one of the winners! 

This led to many email exchanges between Greet and I. It turns out, Greet lives one town away from the town Kevin's Mom grew up in and where most of his family lives! She lives in the same town as one of his cousins! A town I have been to! Her son attends college in the town Kevin's family is in! Her husband knows another of my husband's cousins. And her husbands daughter and my husband's cousin Kaatje are school friends that played on the same volleyball team! Greet bought the the gift I won at a store in the town our family lives in. A store that is on a street I walked up and down many times. I was probably IN that store at some point!

This wonderful organizer now has a home in my craft room! I love it! Thank you so much, Greet!!!

Now, the next time we visit Belgium, I have family and friends to see!!!

Please visit Greet at Belgian Pearls. You will be so happy you did! But prepared to spend some time there. Decorating beauty awaits!


Christa said...

That is so cool!! It is so funny how many nice people you can meet on the blogs...:):)

Leann said...

Too funny. It really is a small world isn't it!!!

I'm off to visit Greet!

Terri said...

Oh yeah, that is an awesome gift. I love Greet's name!

Greet said...

I just red your mail! Sorry to haven't the time to read blogs and comment for some days! ButI am back! Thank you so much for talkint about me and Belgian Pearls! I really hope that we met the next time you visit Belgium!!
Let's keep in contact!
I am glad you love the organizer!

Tammy said...

This is such a cool story.....it really IS a small world!

carma said...

talk about six degrees of separation!! love that organizer :)

Ms Bibi said...

I always said it's a small, small world.

I love Belgium and I am hooked on their chocolate,lol.

The box is adorable.