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Monday, August 23, 2010

Snip snip...

Sooo, tomorrow I get an incision made IN MY EYE! Ay yi yi!!! Actually, I am not freaked out at all. Yes, I will be awake but no biggie. Been there done that before. I won't be able to blog, though, for a few days, or do much of anything else on the computer. And I know I have not been the best blogger lately. But expect posting to pick up quite a bit in the coming weeks....AUTUMN is almost here!!! September 1st, baby! Yes, that IS the first day of autumn, thankyouverymuch! No it is not September 22nd. That is just silly talk!!!

I actually have a lot I want to post about. Depending on how ambitious I get tonight I may schedule a bunch of posts for the week. Orrrrr...I may procrastinate like I tend to do and will have to wait till my eye is healed a bit to post.

My fall journal is done so I need to share some on that. My nephew starts SECOND GRADE next week....eeek! I need to wrap up the gardening posts for the year. Then of course there is all the fun fall stuff we have planned and then not too long after that....Christmas!!! And then of course there is the random musings on any number of topics that pop in to my mind at any given time.

So the material is there. The desire is, too. I love blogging too much. Just need to get myself back in the groove.....and get my eye gouged first! ;-)


blueviolet said...

Good luck with the surgery! But let's not call it an eye gouging, ok?

A New England Girl said...

Good luck with surgery, lady!!! I am SO geared up for fall.... and part of that excitement comes from looking forward to your autumn posts! :)
Sending hugs, good luck and positive vibes your way!

Janie B said...

Hope the surgery goes well. Take care of yourself.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Eek, eye sugary! You're not alone, believe me. A few years ago, I had a horrible sty on my eyelid that had to be surgically removed while I was conscious. It's more of a hassle than anything... Hope everything goes well for you!

And I am SO excited for autumn!! I cannot believe how close Halloween is! I'm freakin' out! :p ♥

Carol said...

Sending happy thoughts and good mojo your way! I am soooo ready for FALL! Got a lot of projects going so I hope I can make time to actually enjoy it! {Hugs}

Christa said...

OUCH!! I hope all goes well!! I will be thinking about you:)