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Monday, October 04, 2010

Are you soakin' it all in?!?

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I know it is only the 4th day of October but I want time to slow down! This is my favorite month of the year and I don't want it to go too fast! So I am determined to soak in every bit of it!

This past Saturday was a FABULOUS day!!! The weather was absolutely perfect New England fall weather. I got up early and my Mom and I headed to Brooksby Farm to the craft fair!

This is one of my most favorite fall activities. We saw people we knew and we were able to find some fun gifts and and a few things for ourselves. After that we went over to the orchard store to buy apples and cider donuts. The whole place was just buzzing with activity and people out and about enjoying a beautiful fall day. Kevin was out golfing at our local course, so knowing that would take several hours Mom and I decided to shop till we dropped! After we fueled up with some coffee of course. We did some major damage and Kohls and Joanns! I went with my Mom to a few other quick errands she needed to do and we enjoyed time just chatting with each other in the car. I am so fortunate to have a Mom who is not just my Mom but also my best friend! We may get on each other's nerves and when we argue it can be craaazy (two Greek women...what do you expect?!) ;-) but we are as close as can be and I am so lucky!!!

We finally had to head home. Mom and Dad had plans for that evening and Kevin and I still needed to get a few things done. After a quick lunch, Kevin and I headed back out with Bailey in tow. More shopping and more enjoying the outdoors while it was still light out. We got home after 7, had a quick dinner, then....it was time for all 3 of us to crash! What a long, productive, super-fun, soaking-it-all-in fall day!

You would think we would take it easy on Sunday, right? Nope! Not so much! I hate to waste any second of a perfectly good weekend! Monday comes too soon. So up bright and early again, a nice breakfast, a little Sunday paper reading, then out for coffee. I love when we go out for coffee on Sunday mornings together, especially at this time of year. Bailey comes with us, of course. We get our coffee and enjoy it outside, taking in the beauty around us, and talking about anything and everything or sometimes just sitting in contented, comfortable silence with each other.

We spent the rest of the day at home. We got a lot done in the yard, clearing out the remains of our summer garden. Actually we left most of our pepper plants in the ground because they are still producing! We re-planted our rosemary and mint in to the old garden bed. Next year we will finally have a proper garden! Since we had the two huge trees in our yard taken down we have lots of space with full sun now! I already have all kinds of plans spinning around in my brain of what our garden will look like and what we will plant!

After I got my mums and pumpkins set up outside just so (who am I kidding?! I will continue to tweak throughout the month) ;-) I came in and started a pot of chili! Mmmm did the house smell good!

It was just what we needed to warm up after all the yard work! It is cold here lately! Love it!

So, let's see, what else did I do? Laundry...lots of laundry. Prepared tonight's supper so that I only have to put it in the oven when I get home from work. Baked Kevin a birthday cake. Yes, I know his birthday was last week, but I promised him a homemade cake this year. But I ended up going in to work the Friday that we celebrated with family at dinner. I would have baked during the day. So we got a small bakery cake that day and yesterday he got his homemade cake! He liked it better this way because he doesn't have to share the homemade one! ;-) Well, since I made it he has to give me a piece...

I am NOT posting pics of it because it is NOT pretty. He didn't want me to take time decorating it so I pretty much just slapped the frosting on. When I made the frosting I probably could have added a little more milk. It was a little thick and I was pulling up crumbs from the cake. Like I said, not pretty. But, damn tasty! ;-)

There were a few things that I wanted to get done that just didn't happen but that is OK. I can do a little here and there at night this week.

So, tell me, how was your weekend?! Did you have fun? Did you get lots done?
Did you soak it all in?!


Terri said...

Oh Kristen! You had a such a FALL weekend! I love living through a NE fall weekend with you!

Christa said...

We had a nice weekend as well!! After reading your post I am pretty tired! LOL...That chili looks good! You and your Mom crack me up!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

You sound like you had some weekend! I'm the same way as you... I don't want to waste a single minute either!

My weekend consisted of decorating the outside of my house for Halloween, going to a spooky house Saturday night, and going pumpkin picking out east on Sunday :) Fun, fun, fun! ♥