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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So fast....

Autumn really does go by obscenely fast. :( I can't believe it is October 20 already. Why is it that June, July, and August dragged on and on and on but September is already gone and October soon will be? So. Not. Fair.

Anyhoo, since this season insists on flying by, and I lost a weekend last week to being sick, I gotta make the most of the days that are left in this glorious month. And one of the best ways to make the most of it and soak in all the beauty my beloved New England has to offer is to head to one of my most favorite places on earth, the White Mountains in NH!

This past Saturday, Kevin and I took a day trip to North Conway and the Kanc with our friends Joe, Christa, and Kevin. Bailey sat this one out and hung out with his YiaYia and Papou for the day! ;-) 

I should have known it would be a crazy, silly day when we hadn't even left Peabody yet and this happened.....

I know!!!

We stopped at the Dunkin Donuts down the street for some coffees for the road and decided to get some donuts, too. Kevin and I chose chocolate crullers. When I ever pulled that out of the bag I couldn't help it! I bursted out laughing and couldn't stop. I have a very juvenile sense of humor, I'll admit. A little more craziness ensued (I will spare you all the pictures of it...) and then we were off to NH!

The colors on the ride up were so pretty!

We were lucky that they were still as vivid as they were. I think we got in just under the wire for good viewing in the North Conway area. I would say they were just a tiny smidge past peak but still so beautiful!

Our captain! ;-)

The motley crew!
(Joe [in rear], Kevin, Christa)

(sorry about the dashboard and reflection...)

Getting closer...

Oh, hello, North Conway on a sunny, blustery, cold fall day!

Up the road a bit in Bartlett, NH...Joe checking out the river and foliage.

Hey, who's that hunka hunka hotness in the trees?!
Bow chicka bow wow!

Creepy pumpkin people in Bartlett...

*Love* this little gift shoppe in Bartlett. This is an old covered bridge dating back to 18something or other. It has been converted in to a quaint little country gift shoppe. Too cute!

Time for lunch. So fitting for fall, no?

At a scenic overlook in Intervale, NH. Usually you can see Mt. Washington from this spot, but when I turned my lens in that direction....

...this was all we could see that day. Mt. Washington is famous for its brutal weather. The snow starts early and comes fast. They are already up to about 20" at the weather observatory on the summit!

* self portrait *
we were freeeezing!

Kevin and Joe have been friends since they were five years old!!! 
They are 41 now!!!

Love this pathway that meanders through the park in downtown North Conway!

North Conway Scenic Railway Depot.

One of my favorite shops!

Heading down the Kancamagus. We only had plans to go as far as Lower Falls (about ten or so miles in). It was getting late and getting colder.

This is one of my most favorite areas on the Kanc. It is especially fun in the summer! Great place to cool off! Ironically, when we went to bed Saturday night I was watching the news and learned that a couple in their 50's drowned at the Lower Falls earlier that day, mere hours before we were there. :( Apparently the man fell in, and when the woman tried to help him she fell in. The current carried their bodies about a mile upstream. So sad. There are definitely parts where the water is rushing but there are also very calm areas. But the water temp, I am sure, contributed to them not being able to get themselves out of the river. That water is super cold in the high heat of summer. I can imagine the other day, as cold as the air temp and wind chill was, that water must have been frigid. I can't even tell you how many times I have gone swimming there. Freaky to think of things like this happening...

love love love

love love love even more!!!

goofball!!! love!!!

another goofball!

Obviously I love the Lower Falls! These are only a fraction of the pics i took there!

In between our lunch stop and going down the Kanc we spent time walking around North Conway, going in the shops, and drinking coffee to warm up! Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course!

We finally had to head home. But not before a yummo stop at Newick's in Dover for a deelish New England seafood dinner!

All in all, a fantabulous fall day! Definite fall journal-worthy!


Amy said...

The photos are gorgeous!! I wish I were there!!

2busy said...

Amazing photos! You must have been loving it! It is so pretty, I wish I could have come...the gift shops look good, too.

Mardell said...

Aaaahh, I can live vicariously thru you! Sure wish I could have tagged along. Gorgeous area indeed. Cool gift shops. Sad about the older couple drowning. Too bad it was so cold out for you guys...at least it wasn't snowing. I remember a huge Oct. snowstorm here 4 yrs. ago! People were stranded for days. Glad you all had a great time. And yes, Oct. does go by too darn quickly.

Tammy said...

Sigh.....the pictures so gorgeous, the memories so sweet!

We're overdue, chicky. My bad, I know, but surely next year???

Christa said...

It was a wonderful fun day!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall colors and can't wait to go back!! I will forever remember the donut and what you did with it...hehe! Thank you and Kevin for introducing us to the White Mountains!! It was pretty in July and its even prettier in October! :)

Janie B said...

What a beautiful place! Wonderful pictures.

Terri said...

Sigh. NOthing like NE in the fall.

Monica said...

Love love love all the pictures! I want to live somewhere THAT pretty in the fall!

Staci said...

Simply Goergeous!

I loved that covered bridge...