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Monday, June 27, 2011

Gardening check-in...the herb files!

So, in addition to our veggie garden that I am clearly enamored with right now (as you know if you read my last post...), I once again have my deck herb garden growing and flourishing and making the air around it smell oh so yummy!

Mmmmm....sage! One of my favorites! When I brush past it releasing its scent I immediately think of Thanksgiving and how I can't roast my turkey without lots of fresh sage!

 Wonderfully fragrant mint. All good Greeks have lots of mint!

 (r): Greek oregano
(l): Italian parsley
Greek and Italian...just like us!

Deliciously fragrant, aromatic, and so incredibly yummy sweet basil!!!

Sweet marjoram. Such a lovely scent and delicate taste. This is the first year I planted it. Can't wait to use it!

Not pictured: thyme, lavender, rosemary, and cilantro (which is giving me fits, again...grrr!).


Christa said...

Looks awesome!! Can you jar any of the herbs or preserve them so they don't spoil before you can use them?

Terri said...

I have problems with my cilantro, too. It gets all flowery and tall. I love your garden. I am really proud of my herbs this year!

Tanya said...

WOW! Looks awesome! I can't wait to be away from the city and have a house with a yard to plant a garden!

Priscilla said...

I love herbs, I have had some mint in the past and a few other herbs, I must admit I am not sure how to look after them! lol.I would love to have pots.Is there any special things you have to do do take care of them? ;) x

Anonymous said...

LOVE all your herb garden--this one's easy & super cute ;)
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Karen Pilcher said...

My heart is breaking here. everything looks so wonderful and yummy. Great going girl.