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Friday, July 22, 2011

Civic/friend duty...

Our friend Teddy is running for mayor!
(yes, I will call our future mayor Teddy!)

My brother and Teddy have been friends since kindergarten. So I have known our future mayor since he and my brother and all their other bratty friends were running around doing bratty things!!! ;-) Kinda blows my mind that one of them will soon be the new leader of our city (yes I am that confident...).

So, I am doing my civic/friend duty and helping out with his campaign however I can...like addeessing hundreds upon hundreds of mailers.

Hey...it keeps me out of the heat holding campaign signs! 
(just kidding! I would do that, too...closer to November! LOL)

1 comment:

2busy said...

Maybe you could get special favors since he is such an old friend. ;)

Like free parking downtown or a reprieve on speeding tickets for a year OR...