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Friday, July 22, 2011


Can you stand another garden post?! I can't help myself!!!

We picked all this tonight!!!!!!

29 cucumbers!!!

 Our first two spaghetti squash!!!

Bunches of green beans and jalapenos!!!

Zucchini, of course. There is always zucchini!

Bell pepper and banana peppers!!!

I have to say one of the pleasures in gardening this year, besides getting to pick all this fresh organic goodness all summer, is being able to share it all! The last couple years our garden was very small and produced just enough for us and maybe a little for our family. This year, besides giving tons to our family, we are giving stuff away to neighbors and friends and co-workers. It is so much fun!!!


Shore Debris said...

That is a wonderful harvest! My garden is still small... Friday night's dinner was made with one bell pepper, one zucchini, 5 green beans, one cherry tomatoes, and about 1/2 cup of blueberries. I'm having lots of fun creating meals by what is ripe at any given time, but would love to increase my size next year to give more away.

Christa said...

I wish we lived closer! LOL...we need to get together soon...:)

Amy said...

That's awesome Kristen! We didn't plant this year or last! Gonna have to remedy that for next year.

Lynne said...

Wow Kristen! You guys definately have "The Thumb" for gardening!!
Wish I lived closer to partake in the giveaways....I love me some fresh cukes and all. Yummmm!
You just may have to learn to can?

Glad you're doing well!

{{HUGS}} from Lynne and Miss Shelby