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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cukes & zukes & Tahoes, oh my!

veggies picked 7.15.11

Seemingly overnight our garden is producing massive amounts of produce! Especially cucumbers and zucchini! Yesterday afternoon I went out and picked 20 cukes alone and couldn't even count all that was still growing and yet to start forming! 

The zucchini is going crazy, too, and they are playing games with us. We will go out there and find some normal sized ones ready to pick and scope out the others that are still growing. We move vines and leaves and think we are checking every inch....then a few hours later one of us will go out there again and seemingly out of nowhere one of those behemoths seem to appear. 

 I generally prefer we pick them when they are the size of the two on the right in the picture, but it seems that no matter how diligent we think we are, no matter how observant we think we are a few manage to hide and grow in to something you could club a person with! Just this morning Kevin found another ginormous one (not pictured).

 In addition to the cukes and zukes, we also picked loads of string beans (there are only a couple in this photo, for, ya know, artistic reasons...) and we picked a few sweet banana peppers!

Best. Cucumber. Evaaaa.

As soon as I brought the veggies in yesterday I had to enjoy a fresh cucumber. O.M.G. it seriously does make a HUGE difference when you grow them yourself (or purchase direct from a farm, CSA, or farmers market) verses purchasing them at a supermarket.

So speaking of SUVs....what? You mean we weren't speaking of those? Oh, ok....well, let's!

Wanna see my new baby???

 My new-to-me Chevy Tahoe!!! 
(yes that is me in the background that I blurred out because I looked like hell in the heat!!!)

We just got her (yes, its a "she") today! And I get to bring her home next Saturday! The dealership we got her from is over an hour from our house so it is much easier to go back on a Saturday than a weeknight after work.

I love love LOVE her!!! 
Loved sitting in her, loved driving her, just love!!!
And I feel so blessed and grateful to have her!!!

So, that's my weekend...cukes and zukes and Tahoes!


Christa said...

Looking forward to our drives to the scrapbooking weekends and White Mountains!! Looks awesome! I can't believe all the veggies!! You should come sell some of them at the farmers market here on Saturdays in Braintree! LOL

Monica said...

Again...loving the veggies! I found a zucchini bread pancake recipe yesterday and had to try it w/ a zucchini we got from a friend's yard...They were good!
Love the Tahoe! She looks the same color as our Suburban...which I LOVE. I will never drive a little car again!

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

Fresh from the garden...nothing better!

You will love your Tahoe...we had a Suburban before we bought our Acadia. It's an awesome ride. I may go back when it's time to trade.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! Hope you have an equally great week. :)

Terri said...

Your dunes look amazing! I love your new ride as well! Post title is clever girlfriend!

Ms Bibi said...

Hello my friend....it's been awhile since I've been here. I am finally back to blogging in full speed and trying to go around all the friends I left behind and miss a lot.

Love your new baby, very pretty....

What's her name?....my is Priscilla The Queen Of The Desert