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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blogs rockin' the scrappin' world

Any avid scrapper is probably well aware that the blog phenomenon is sweeping the scrapbooking world. So many of the "big names" in scrapping, the scrapbooking "celebrities" if you will, are bloggin almost on a daily basis. And it is an inspiration to all of us scrappers and papercrafters out there. Rarely a day goes by that I don't check the blog of Ali Edwards. This chick rocks! Mom and I took her album track at CKU-A in Stamford last October and I am totally inspired by her. Love her style. Love her laid back casual approach to scrapping te everyday moments of life.

I am also loving the blog of Elsie Flannigan. She is a contributing writer to CK magazine and she also has a book on scrapbooking coming out soon. I love that she is only in her early 20's, I think, and had totally resolved herself to making for herself in the scrapbooking world. She is so totally focused on that goal and she has made it. she just started submitting to CK like crazy and very quickly got a call from them. Not only did they want to publish her they wanted her to fly out to Utah to meet with them about writing for the magazine! This girl is such an inspiration. she teaches all over the place now, too. She is so living her dream. she totally went for it. I envy her. She inspires me. I want to take charge of my life the way she did. I want to go for it. I read her blog for the inspiration and courage to do that.

Some other blogs I enjoy are Ginger Rohlfs from Gin-X, Heidi Swapp, Stacy Julian (loving her new website: bigpicturescrapbooking.com), Cathy Zielske, jeni-Dallas, Jenni Bowlin, Rhonna Farrer, and so many others.

So, I will keep on reading, keep on blogging, keep on reaching, keep on TRYING! Just keep on keeping on. I will submit submit submit. I want to do what I can to achieve something more than what I have.

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