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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Got issues???

Because clearly I do!!! Magazine issues, that is (though I know there are a few of you out there thinking, "Oh yeah, she's got issues!"). But, yeah, I have a little magazine addiction. Oh, ok, a BIG one!!! It is not enough that I subscribe to, uh, quite a few magazines (I take the Fifth on giving the actual number), but I cannot leave a bookstore or grocery store or craft store without buying at least one magazine. I do read them all, though. It may take a while, and some of them in the pile above are a month or so old, but I do read them all....cover to cover. 

I just love to read. Even as a child I always had a book in my hands, or so it seemed. Unfortunately as I have gotten older I am not reading as many books as I once did, and it is not that I don't want to, it is just that I can't get myself to focus long enough. Or if I do start one I am the type that usually can't put it down, then I neglect other things I need to do. Magazines just don't require that much commitment! And with magazines, in addition to the written word that I love so much, they are also pure eye candy.

My favorite magazines focus on the things I love the most: papercrafts like scrapbooking, altered arts, and mixed media, decorating, home and hearth, recipes, fabric, other crafts like beading and polymer clay, and of course, holidays. I never tire of reading these....so yeah, it looks like I will always have issues! In future posts I will write more about my addiction to magazines and go more in-depth about some of my favorites.

This is the first in a series of occasional posts about My Favorite Things.


Sharon said...

What happens to the magazines once you have read them????
I have trouble keeping up with all of mine and HATE getting rid of them.
I need help!!!

Sam said...

Wow, I love this - reading a blog by someone I actually KNOW! And it is a very cool blog Kristen - you are an awesomely talented gal, and your blog reflects that - NO SELF-DOUBT ALLOWED!!! Adding your blog to my favs - (you already are!!!)

Hugs - Sam

lacey said...

Me too! Now that i have been extremely busy with BPS classes and scrapbooking, I am waaay behind in reading alot of mine. I have at least 8 subs. I did have People at one time but I decided to let go of that since I go online to People everyday that I was pretty much seeing the same things (minus the stories) but I couldn't keep paying that expensive sub when i wasnt even reading it. ANyways, alot of these are good up to 09-10, so i probably won't renew a couple, but we'll see! My fav right now is Redbook, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks etc and Simple Scrapbooks. I am also behind on books. I used to read ALOT of books..until mags and scrapbooking took over. Have books lined up for me to read, wishlists on amazon. Yeah, i'd say i was addicted to it all LOL Ok i'm blabbing...have a great weekend!