"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two days in a row!!!

Yay me!!! I really am determined to keep this up this time. I have been having so much fun adding elements to my page. I highly recommend checking out some (or all!!!) of the blogs I have linked to. They are all fabulous! Of course then you could end up me who spends insane amounts of time with my butt glued to the chair as I surf from one blog to the next....this is of course after playing on GLU for hours on end. Can't let a day go by without hanging with my GLU chicas!!!

So since I am just getting back in to the whole blogging thing I have to admit I am feeling a little intimidated. What I mean is I am afraid what I am going to write is going to sound silly and no one will want to read it. I definitely am going to go through pictures and post projects I have done recently. I first thought maybe I would do some "catch up" posts...kind of like "what have I been doing for the last year and a half." But then I changed my mind on that one. Most of the people that are going to read this blog pretty much know what I have been doing! I think better to start fresh. I wish there was a way to create a photo album on the sidebar like that which can be done with Typepad but I don't think Blogger has that capability, and I am not ready to have a blog I have to pay for. I know I can set up a link to some of my online albums though. Maybe that is something I will do with a bunch of past project pics and maybe one of my craft room? What do you all think?

Please please please give me any input you want. Ask me anything you want. I aim to please after all! LOL I want my friends, both "real" and "cyber," to enjoy coming here! Once I get going keep an eye out for an opportunity to maybe win some goodies here and there, too!

OK, I am off to play around some more! I may update again tonight or I may not. When Kevin gets home we have to head to Mom and Dad's for family dinner night.



Anonymous said...

Kristen....I LOVE how creative and talented you are! Can't wait to see more cool stuff....I took a look back at some of your scrapbooking....WOW!!! Gotta get to GLU more often!!! Hugs,


Mardell said...

Dear Kristen chicky,
Love your blog ~ keep up the good work! We can learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing with us!


lacey said...

NEVER ever worry about what others will think of what you write about. Blogs are here to help us be OURSELVES. :0) I love my blog in a way that I can express myself, the way I think I am, or can be, but in the real world, I am kinda too shy to even go there. KWIM? But...in a way, it is helping me come out my shell..go figure. So, day 2..YAY! Go you!! Keep bloggin! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Kristen...your blog is wonderful. I will be a constant visitor, so keep up the great work !!

Linda Behling