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Thursday, May 22, 2008

* Yawn *

Yep, lots of energy after that 0dark o'clock walk, but now, at 5:40PM, eh, not so much!!! And we still have family dinner at Mom and Dad P's tonight. Which is not a bad thing...I love and cherish these times with my family...I just want bed because 0dark00 hours will be here VERY quickly!

So, I need help! I *MUST*, and I mean MUST start getting this house organized. The clutter is driving me insane! IN-SANE! So here's the thing...I only work Tuesday through Friday, and I am home by 4:15 those days. And I have all. day. Monday. ALL DAY! Do I get stuff organized?! Noooooo!!! I feel like if I could just make myself tackle one task each Monday, just one little area, it could make a world of difference, both in my house and my mood. I have learned over time that clutter drags me down. It drags me down not only physically, but emotionally and creatively. Seriously, how do two people and a dog acquire so much STUFF?!?!

My craft room is definitely a hot button for me. I let it get so out of control and that stifles my creativity so badly. When we bought this house four years ago I was so excited about this space. I have this 12' x 12' room, on the main level of our house, with nice big windows overlooking our neighborhood, with two huge deep closets! My husband installed cabinets and a counter top and shelves. I have two large bookcases in there and a big table to create on. And it is overwhelming me with the amount of stuff that has taken up residence in there in four short years. 

So....help!!! What do you think the best course of action is for me to take in getting my space to be the productive and serene and creative oasis I want and need it to be? Does anyone want to join me on this journey? Maybe we can have a challenge or something where we each commit to one hour per week of de-cluttering a certain area of our homes? I think I really need to devote part of my Mondays to doing this.

If I can get in the habit of dragging my butt around the block in the dark when I could be sleeping instead, surely I can get myself in to the habit of devoting some time to my home each week, right?

(Any and all encouragement and patronizing and rationalizing would be most welcome!) ;-)

Peace, loves, and hugs! :-)


Anonymous said...

I think tackling the 4am walk is enough for now!!!! ;)
How about tackling one area in your room? (That always sounds good but once I start it seems to have a ripple effect)
Good luck and if you come up with a solution, please share!!!!

Anonymous said...

What color are the walls in your craft room?

lacey said...

alright here's what you do, and this is coming from a big procrasinator...set a timer for an hour, put on some tunes( blast it!), and get to work. clear everything out of the room if you need to and just start over-only bring in what you want-not sure? leave it for later. OR, just seperate everything in piles...keep, maybe, give away and throw away. Make yourself look at something for 5 secs-yep the 5 sec rule-boom boom boom, there ya go girl! Then put them in designated spots. One day at a time...and you never know, you may just end up doing ALOT in an hour, or it may just inspire you to keep on going- reset the timer, and keep on going. The point of the timer is to say ok, i'm giving myself this much time and when the buzzer goes off, i will not feel guilty, b/c this hour i just did (alot or a little-doesn't matter!)- is one step closer to being organized and creative! AND! another thing, if you feel inspired or have that urge to create- stop what you are doing and just do it. Ok, now...take a deep breath and get to work! Rock on! ;0)