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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Sunday thoughts.......

Don't really have anything exciting to post today. Just some random thoughts. Most things I think of are pretty random anyway!

"No more pictures! You have enough!"

I never noticed this field of sunflowers at the orchard till the other day. Then my friend Tammy quite logically pointed out that this could be the first year they planted them...

New England weather is so weird! Yesterday it barely made 60* and it was pouring rain and windy all. day. long. Today it is hot...yuck!

We were pretty much glued to the coverage of Senator Kennedy's funeral yesterday. One of our local stations had non-stop, commercial free coverage for almost 15 hours!!! But I am so glad I saw it. It is not often you see something like that. I would have loved to have gone in to Boston to catch sight of the motorcade live but there was no way with the weather. Still, to have four living Presidents in our city, together....amazing!!!

Four small tomato plants will give a family of two more tomatoes than you can ever use!!! I will be making more salsa, and more sauce today! We have been giving a lot of tomatoes away, too, but we are still up to our eyeballs in them!!!

It is August 30!!! September is only TWO days away!!! TWO DAYS!!! Fall is pretty much here. Now if only the heat will go away...

It is the coolest that Bed Bath & Beyond will take as many coupons as you have, even the expired ones!!! We went there this morning and used TWELVE coupons!!!

 Kevin just mowed the lawn. And I am sitting right next to an open window. And there is a gentle breeze. And every time it blows I smell the freshly cut grass. Mmmmm!

Why does the weekend have to be almost over???

We went to Barnes & Noble this morning, too, and I got THREE fall-themed magazines!!! I can't wait to read them!!!

Yesterday, my favorite papercrafting store had a huge sale...25% off everything!!! She ordered so much new stuff at the summer trade show that she needs to make room for it all!!! This is my favorite time of year to buy craft supplies!!! I scored on all kinds of fall paper goodness! Can't wait to start this year's fall journal!!!

Mom and I had to brave the rain yesterday for the sale. It was a sale, people!!!

One of my friends recently posed the question to a bunch of us: "If you could live in any other state where would it be?" I had a hard time answering anything but here in New England. I have traveled a lot, but it seems I am New England through and through! Where would you like to live?

My friend Chris recently posted this on his Facebook status and it really made me think: "Am I the only one who thinks that in some ironic twist, Facebook, the tool meant to bring friends together, has actually made 1 on 1 interactions between friends less than what it was before Facebook? Sure, it's nice to see everyone's posts, but for me, nothing beats a good phone call or afternoon/night out with friends. Guess I'm old-fashioned"

And finally, a fun little ditty from my friend Cindy, who granted me permission to post this here on my blog. I find it fitting now that we are on the cusp of summer ending and fall beginning:

"When the weather's hot and sticky 
Ain't no time for dunkin dicky
But when the frost in on the pumpkin
That's the time to do your dunkin!"


Christa said...

I thought about you today when I walked by the Yankee Candle Store and saw all the fall and halloween scents and decorations...and they have a halloween store that will open soon...for costumes. We went to the Burlington Mall...

WhisperingWriter said...

Wow, I didn't know that about Bed, Bath and Beyond. Good to know!

Cheryl said...

Your dog is too cute! And that's very true about Facebook. It's made us go from quality to quantity.

marnie said...

Wish we lived closer, would take some tomatoes off your hands (and maybe some salsa!!)

Patience...Fall is almost here!!!

Jessica said...

Yay to fall magazines!
We went to Books-a-million and I couldn't help but look through all the pretty pictures and crafty ideas!

Hope your weekend was great :)

Alicia said...

holy cow, 12 coupons?! score!! sounds like you had a great weekend!!

Aunt of 14 said...

I don't know what to say about Facebook. I am more in touch with my old friends than I ever was before, but it still is like touch and go. And was your friend Cindi talking about... sex with all that dunkin?

SupahMommy said...

say WHAT? i knew about EXPIRED.. but .. unlimited amounts??? on one single transaction??

i'm having an anxiety attack right now... thinking of the ones i threw away..
thanks for stopping by.. i'll alert you when i make that supah secret blog. )

SupahMommy said...

oh yes.. also. I have a beagle. I have a video to post of something I caught her butt doing yesterday. We'll have to compare beagle notes.